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There's a nasty forming up up there out to the west of Fiji. They have it dropping through Vanuatu and new cal and tracking on to slide down our east coast by 2 or 300 miles or so next weekend. I see a 952 in there.

 of course this far out it may .. may not ,or may track left a bit and land on us etc but worth watching out for . It looks like it could be  pretty rough for Vanuatu though., 





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A large tropical cyclone named Pam has formed in open South Pacific waters north of Vanuatu and Fiji.

The cyclone is expected to head south toward New Zealand and  will then curve to the east.

Fiji's Tropical Cyclone Centre issued cyclone warnings early Tuesday but said that at this stage they are uncertain where Pam will go.

Vanuatu, which has a population of 252,000, is on alert, while major cruise line operators, including Royal Viking, have shortened or moved planned cruise voyages this week.

Pam is also expected to bring bad weather to Fiji and New Caledonia.

Several major weather forecasting models have been predicting since Friday that Pam would become a super cyclone, with winds exceeding Category Five on the five point scale.

It has been unusual to have such a long warning period ahead of a cyclone.

Fiji's private weather service NaDraki Weather said it is "pretty much a given" that Pam will reach severe strength and will get stronger as it moves south.

"The forecast track remains unchanged, however it has not started to move significantly yet so it is unlikely any major changes to the track, if any are needed, will be made until later tomorrow once it starts to move," NaDraki said.

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Customs doesn't take anything from exports and a fast decreasing amount of duty off imports.


The Pac Islands are known to try and grab anything they can. Two tried to tax me in country when I was being paid back in NZ from a company in Aussie. That's when I was there on aid projects which were being given to the islands. They got told pull ya head in and no tax was paid.


But I can see why they would go after cruising yachties, it's not like any of them would try to fudge things to reduce any costs would they :roll:  Also some of the cruisers will be arrogant SOB's who will be thinking the Islanders must be so grateful the boat stopped in for a visit they can shaft the locals at will. I saw way to much of that going on, mostly by boats flagged in Aussie and USA.

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Pity you are so Negative Grant, sure there will always be some who will take advantage, they probably make up 1/2 of 1%. The rest are made up yachties who are trying to help. Did you see the video of "Dragonfly" and their assistance to the islanders, sure big boat, money no issue, good PR; but they certainly made a huge difference to those on the receiving end.

The couple who forwarded the info to me have helped out before there was a crisis. Like repairing a saw mill that was out of action, On this trip they plan to see if it is still operational and if not get it up and running again if possible. There isn't a lot of help/stuff coming out of Vila

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Unfortunately KM, I'd have to agree. The treatment I have seen of locals by some cruisers is embarrassing! Other countries are not like home, things are often done differently. Time schedules can be a fantasy. If it was the same as home, why go?


Fortunately MOST cruisers have some respect for the countries and people they visit. People are people everywhere.  

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There was someone on here, i cannot remember his name,  working in Vanuatu that used to post a lot but havent seen him since the cyclone. Are you there or gone to ground?

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Phil, currently "banning" is just a revocation of posting rights to the forums. If I use the BAN selection in this software, it prevents access completely, including to the banned person to modify their account settings re notification etc. IMO this is a bug, and has been reported. However, as it stands there is little I can do about it until/if the software developers decide to change it. So yes, it is a change since the old software....  

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