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  1. Pimbaa ypu sound likw a person that might point me in the right direction. I have a Avon hypalon but need an Outboard mount. I am up to the Mark 3 plywood model now but believe a factory glass one was made. Any ideas where to find one?
  2. No, he doesnt wait around untill he has to, Two Sounds to go, hes off to Chalky Inlet
  3. Making a break for Breaksea Wed Sep 23 2020 It poured with rain last night but that meant a blissful sleep as it heralded the end of the relentless wind. I was woken by the sound of a helicopter landing at the Blanket Bay “Hotel”. This is the name given to a rudimentary shack on a little island about 200 meters out from where I am moored. The crayfishing boats moor up there and transfer their catch to the helicopter. When I finally poke my head up through the hatch the half dozen boats have all gone and I am once again alone. I motor over to the “Hotel” and tie up. There is a perma
  4. Looks like hes scootered off up the sound, maybe looking for better shelter?
  5. Latest instalment: Well that was not a restful night. The wind was like a fearsome beast prowling around the boat all night. It howled and screamed in the rigging, it shook the mast and banged the halyards, it shoved and rocked the boat and tried it’s best to pluck us from our mooring. I was worried the line might chafe through and break at which point we would be flung off into raging black night. To that end I prepared as best I could. I had the anchor cock-a-bill, ready to drop and the radar on all night to give me eyes in the dark. The plotter cannot be relied on. When entering the bay i
  6. Hes into it again. A begger for punishment. 65 miles to DoubtfulSound by 1800 so should be all good.
  7. PredictWind shows 30knots off shore but a large part of the weat coast at 15/20 on the coast or just off. Thats not likely I would have thought! Haven’t actually used it much so not to be taken so literally maybe?
  8. Hes Heading into some solid weather soon.
  9. Briski are good , custom made in a couple of weeks. I got a floppy folder. They say the advantage of geared over floppy is longer life only, no difference in performance.
  10. I thought Joshua Slocum achieved that a long while back in Spray.
  11. Gee, interesting. Not much strength In that situation, 200kgs
  12. I like charts rolled up rather than flat. They curl over the saloon table nicely when rolled inside out. I used to get charts from the Map Shop in Hamilton and he had plastic sleeves to fit, however he doesn't supply sleeves now and has gone to light plastic laminating instead. I said to him thats no good I am traditional enough to want to keep using pencil and rubber , he said use felt, no way am I using felt or white board marker. Lost a sale there. Went looking for sleeves and finished up buying a whole roll of a manufacturer, 2 kms long !! 80mm diameter so if anyone wants any let me know
  13. Not much progress here with Baileys Insurance! Vessel Details Please advise the year your boat was originally built .......... 1978 Sorry, but as your vessel is over 40 years of age, we are unable to offer any cover for you
  14. Whats with the little bow seat? I like it. looks like a good spot for quiet meditation., in the calm anyway.
  15. Great article. Should be compulsory reading for everyone in the western world
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