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  1. Some old charts I have are like thin cardboard, the new ones are like thick tissue paper. I have a roll of thin plastic tube for rolled charts. Lets know if anyone wants some, any length more or less, 20 metres no trouble.
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    Thank you Kevin and Bad Kitty. Yes thinking things out in the head is not much use until the hearts there as well. We do have some good people for help and counselling so will forge on.
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    I know a few on here read my post from 1 Dec last year called. Raglan to Whakatane. Crew were my 43 year old son Shae and a mate, Shae was a tower of help and strength and he regretted not being able to do the full trip. Then on March the 10th this year tragedy struck our family when Shae was killed in a vehicle crash on the Kaimais. The other driver crossed over the centre line and hit Shaes ute at speed killing him instantly. We were plunged into a very dark place and after the funeral struggled to leave the house for 3 months. It wasn't till the 6 month mark that we really started to engage
  4. This is my MK 3 knock up ply version. I under stand a nice glass factory one was made but where to find one?
  5. Yes there are comments that Gone with the Wynns boat is not fit for purpose. I think a Cat 1 inspector would have cracked a fit. Cracked windows, let alone storm shutters. Wondering if good luck or good planning that got them to Opua. Bit of both maybe.
  6. Will check out Sailing Parlays Revival. Thanks havent seen that. With La Vagabonde you can easily go a year or 2 without missing a lot.
  7. Have followed La Vagabonde on and off for a few years. Their stats are impressive by any standard. Coming up 7 Years, 2 kids now, 70,000 miles, 1.6 million subscribers on You Tube, half a million views per episode, 6000 subscribers on Patreon. As someone said in a previous post they are to upmarket now for the average yachty. Take Patreon, subscribing per episodes is from $3 to $200, so say average of $5 and an episode every 2 weeks thats $30.000 a fortnight. And no I have never been a Patreon to anyone, to miserable for that. They can sure play the internet, they put in the work so good on t
  8. At least Raglan has leading lights. Years ago i went on a bar day wirh the Coastguard, well worth it, but was so calm I could have rowed the tender over it.
  9. Yes called the number. A temperature sensor, evidently monitoring a marine heatwave thats coming. Double boeys so maybe not destroyed. Was surprised at the sheer number of boeys around the coast. Can understand fishing nets cray pots etc. But all the others. There was just a mass of them in the marine reserve at Leigh. I probably could have been further off shore , was at about the 20 metre depth line at the time. I think the last straw for them was when they asked max speed under motor. 5 knots didnt cut it! Didnt get to discussing channels They advised not to a
  10. Found out why we lost momentum on Mahoe and had to be towed into Whakatane. A small bouy and rope wrapped around the propeller.
  11. We motored from North Cape to Mangonui incalm seas so Shae could get a bus home for work. James and I carried on day sailing. Stops at Cavalli Is. Bland bay, Tutukaka, Omaha, Tryphena, Whitianga, Waihi Beach, and then this” After Mahoe did a sterling job in allconditions and a last day from Waihi beach to Whakatane , within 10 miles of home there was a clunk from the driveline and viabration. Towed in by the Coastguard at 2 am. On temporary swing mooring in Whakatane river.
  12. This would be no big deal for a lot of you guys but for me my biggest trip as skipper. quote from my facebook page for non boaties so bare with me: “Big thankyou and gratitude to my crew James and Shae, couldn’t have done it without them. For example ,the Raglan bar was no problem,not even breaking, then the wind got up higher than forecast and sea built up and I was seasick . Eventually Shae made a correct call too take down the genoa and put up a smaller jib. I was still capable of steering at that point so pointed into wind and waves while Shae and James went forward. I had rigged
  13. Simpower in Auck. They only had 3 at the time so maybe they dont carry much stock, same brand and identical to original. Have safety vents in bottom And 50mm soldering tabs top and bottom
  14. After looking at battery replacement costs for some time i thought stuff it. So replaced the batteries myself. Pretty simple as designed to be user opened for decommissioning. Batteries easily obtained in NZ $52 each and there are 2. New O ring off the shelf $2. $106 total parts Old batteries were way out of date but were the same if not slightly higher voltage than the new ones.
  15. Pumbaa you sound like a person that might point me in the right direction. I have a Avon hypalon but need an Outboard mount. I am up to the Mark 3 plywood model now but believe a factory glass one was made. Any ideas where to find one?
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