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Ross 930 Rudder Profile

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The 'ship is going to get a bottom birthday and while I'm at it I'm thinking to tidy up the rudder and try and get rid of the hummmmm.


The rudder is still the original plank, but now stood up perpendicular (rather than following transom line). So I have to cut off the bottom to level with waterline, but I'd like to make sure the profile is good too.


What's the appropriate profile for a rudder on a turbo'd 930?

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little known fact


U2's album





was written when adam clayton was experiencing problems with his stock rudder


Helter Skelter 


being about the difficulty helming downwind


at speed and under masthead gennaker




when he decided to change from stock


Silver And Gold


about the cost



 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For


when he finally gave up changing naca profiles

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Stu built a new rudder when he had Ballistic, I think he is All Fired Up. If you search under foam profiles then it can be found but the photos haven't come through, his rudder set up was different to normal 930s though.

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I have a copy of some 930 plans at home with has a rudder profile on it. I can hunt them out for you. May be a starting point.



that would be a good start thanks - I can at least get the barn door fair to original, eh 

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Have got 930 drawings

Did the new class compliant rudder for hotdogger a while back

As long have a afu's profiles

You can contact me through here apparently, I do get emails from members

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