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  1. The SSANZ Facebook page is a public page. Therefore anyone can view without having to be a member of Facebook. Just click on the link from the SSANZ website and you can view everything that is available. I am not on Facebook and refuse to be, but can view all the updates from SSANZ.
  2. Yep contact Dan at Boat Coat. 021 297 6878 Did a great job on The Guarantee.
  3. Give Dan a call at Boat Coat. 021 297 6878 You have already seen his work. Tell I recommend him.
  4. Contact Dan at Boat Coat. http://vinylboatwrap.co.nz/ Used him to do my yacht. Great service.
  5. I have a copy of some 930 plans at home with has a rudder profile on it. I can hunt them out for you. May be a starting point.
  6. RPNYC have a course scheduled for 22-23 August 2015. Details here: http://www.rpnyc.org.nz/ocean-sports/ocean-sports-news/946-advanced-sea-survival-running-in-august
  7. In 2013 RPNYC ran the first Two Handed Central Triangle Race. The 2nd edition will be in February 2016. This has become a great race to do, and there was a fully crewed version earlier this year. The race also is a qualifier for the SSANZ Two Handed Round North Island Race in 2017. So if you want to be ready, heres a chance to be ahead of the game. Central Triangle 2016-2.pdfNOR Central Triangle Final.pdf
  8. Have put together a list of central region events that could interest anyone doing this race. Major Central Region Events Summer 2015/16 Events that are scheduled in the central region run by the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, Wellington. Waikawa Bay Boating Club, Picton. Tasman Bay Cruising Club, Nelson December 2015 Saturday 19 December 2015 RPNYC & WBC Cook Strait Classic Race from RPNYC start line across Cook Strait, finishing in Tory Channel. Most yachts make arrangements to stay in the Marlborough Sounds and go cruising a
  9. Herdy

    Ross 35

    There are two versions. Ross 35 eg Head Office, Extract Digit, Apparition Ross 1066 eg Higher Ground, The Guarantee, Margaritaville
  10. There is plenty of racing in Wellington. Check out http://www.rpnyc.org.nz/ This weekend we have the Nelson race. This is the central region version of the coastal classic. It is approx 120nm and can be an interesting and challenging race. This race is followed by the Nelson Regatta which is a great event that is growing every year. Have a look at http://www.nelsonregatta.co.nz/ People are really friendly and willing to help out. It should be very easy to get contacts. Yes we race in some windier conditions. The biggest difference is that the air is alot more dense than Auckland. T
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