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Chartplotters on cabin tops

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nope. Twin units is a not a supported install and is advised against by Navico - these things do not network!

The heading thing would be an issue - if you had no NMEA compass. But your post above says you do. The Vulcan will take the heading info from the compass source, so no issue.

If you wanted two displays, you'd have to go to the Zeus2 units.


If you have NMEA 2000 Depth, speed, and wind, You have a network. What is the gear, and which connectors is it using? The B&G stuff used to be Simnet (Small Yellow and black connectors) , now use Micro C.  Adapters for the various systems are available, but if there are available free connectors, it would make it easier/cheaper.




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We'll never know IT. That capability cost me $0.00 so I thought while I have no need nor desire for it, it did sound like good value for money for when senility really starts to kick in and my boating skills fade away ;)


It just seems, due to the large number of comments made here, that this was the perfect situation for sending to a tablet rather than use something not designed to be installed that way that will be prone to damage, get in the way and be a right pain in the arse taking it on and off all the time. Winter did say it's for motoring thru anchorages so surely a larger screen tablet has to be better than a smaller plotter screen.

The nav apps on tablets are fantastic, and the charts so ridiculously cheap to buy compared to chart plotter charts, that it is >.

However, I couldn't see my tablet in the cockpit due to the glare in any sort of sunshine or even one of those half light / half cloudy days.

When someone invents a tablet you can actually see outside, then they are going to make a million billion zillion $bucks.

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The yacht has a four meter backbone with four-way connectors each end. Fore end has power, Airmar depth/temp transducer, Airmar boat speed/temp transducer, Simard RC42 compass and provision for wind gear later. Aft four way has twin Triton displays and currently two spares for chartplotter(s) or computer. Thanks for pointing out twin Vulcans wouldn't work - I suspected as much. Looks like a single Vulcan unit on a swinging bracket or mounted on the bulkhead is the way to go. BTW, how much (ballpark) are the Zeus2 units?



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The Zeus2 units start at $2300 (list) for the 7 inch. Either the Vulcan or the Zeus2 is an easy install then, just a power plug and the NMEA2000 connection to the existing micro C connector. :thumbup:

Let me know when you are ready - send me a PM and Ill give you a special "crew.org" price :-)

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I like it flush-mounted on the bulkhead in clear view of the helmsman. It proved to be invaluable at th'Barrier over the NY storm where I was trying to find a suitable mooring at 1 am with my 2nd mate down below sleeping.

Good point Ballystick, an iPad/tablet might be OK while navigating the Gulf on a nice day, but trying to hold and read one whilst singlehandedly moving anchor @ 1am in a storm --- no thanks. 

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