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carbon fibre magicians

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Anybody know anybody who might want one? Middle daughters BF has been working in a helicopter business and he's looking for a

change of scene.

No idea if he is a wizard or not, just trying to help a guy out.

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thanks for that. That looks like a cool place to be involved with. 


The plot thickens though.... the helicopter company has gone into liquidation.  Men in suits and expensive cars showed up, young fella got the tap on the shoulder yesterday and as with everybody else told to "get your crap and bugger off".


His old man founded it, sold it to the yanks and the facts of what else happened are now distant history.


Sounds like a break could be best thing - he talked about having some negative effects from chemical exposure - sometimes tingling finger tips/light head etc and sounds like inadequate or no PPE.


As you were, no further help needed and thanks again.

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