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Lyttelton anchorages

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It depends on how close you want to get. You won't get to shore with the boat.
I assume you want just a few hrs to go get a can of Fuel.

It has been many years since I used to play in Lyttleton, so things may have changed, so I stand for correction.
Diamond harbour could be worth a shot. There used to be a Service station at the top off the Hill where the Main rd runs around. Deeper water and used to be a wharf.
Cass bay has no shops and it's a long walk to Lyttleton.
I would look at the Old Wharf at Lyttleton itself. It's a rickety mess, but still has some areas of it usable...or did. Or the inner Harbour and surely there is a bit of wharf there that you could claim for a few hrs.

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You best bet would be Cass Bay, then its a 10 min row or dingy into the yacht club ramp and leave your dingy there, make sure to lock it.  Row through the old marina you will be sweet.  Then you can walk/taxi into Lyttelton but their is no service station there also, you can however take a bus to the service station on Opawa Road.  


Wheels no petrol station on the other side for about 10 years mate.  


Holding is pretty ok.  Some guys actually tie up to one of the old marina posts, and come in from there.  You could also sweet talk the yacht club and use their club marina berth for a quick tie up.  

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Diesel is available in the inner harbour on the wharf east if No7. It is a swipe card service that takes credit cards.


Water depth is fine in cass and corsair bays and is as it is shown on the chart. About 2 m at low water provided you do not go in close. No anchoring though unless you are outside the mooring area.


Nearest petrol station is through the tunnel so a car will be required.



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