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  1. Any engineering firm should be able to punch some out quickly
  2. Just epoxy glue some dowels into the old holes fair up and paint
  3. Thats great to hear she sails really well dad used to sail her really hard,we blew 3 sails going up the west coast of the north island,had to call into totara north to get them repaired,One wave went straight through the mainsail.To be fair the weather was sh*t and we were bashing in to it.Did 10000 miles in her in 18 months.Have very fond memorys of her.
  4. Dad bought her in the early eightys met the builder on the Great Barrier reef,he called out I built that boat mum replied well the bloody decks leak.He came over for a yarn later.Boat was leaking badly where thecwooden decks joined the hull every passage everything inside got soaked even my schoolbooks whick pleased me as I hated them
  5. Fiji in the early eightys needed some meths to light the stove took ages to find any in the end had to go to chemist and sign for it,as the locals used to drink the stuff.
  6. If thats taku hoa i lived on her for 18 months a long time ago my father took us up the pacific explored east coast of oz and sailed her back to nelson powerful boat had her surfing at 13 knots.
  7. Understand your rage no phone reception in bark bay,biggest problem I found anchored there was the water taxis,buggers go past close just under planing speed so max wave and try and dip your gunnels.
  8. Was down there for 2 weeks kayaking in feb this year,a bloke runs a service with a big trailor which fits most boats,its no drama getting in.Its a long way out of the sound to any secure anchorage,closest would be Blanket Bay.Weather turns to sh*t fast down there with no warning,we got caught in 60 knot squalls in our kayaks.Take heaps of fuel and research all anchorages before you head down.Great place to be on a nice day,I always try and hit Fiordland mid feb as weather is usually settled then.
  9. Hokitika is for fizz boats only can walk across at low tide,westport and greymouth are good in fine weather today the grey was calm as had lunch there.when heading up coast from fiordland to farewell spit in a straight line you are a long way offshore so no point in going in really.
  10. Done it 7 times 2 days to new plymouth from the top usually,can sneak inside pandora bank if sea is calm enough.
  11. Hi Martin, Bloke with the drive unit is Phil Zwiess lives on board at Picton,Boat is called Cavall.Has circumnavigated in her best set up cav ive ever seen
  12. Mine did that just wiggled the plug by the motor and it would go.
  13. I know a bloke on a cav who switched the engine to a yanmar and couldnt find a v drive to suit so got two big toothed alloy cogs made up and found a toothed belt to suit,looks like a harley davidson belt drive system.Works great dont think he has replaced the belt in years.
  14. My old man used to own one,wheels is wrong they sail very well.Looks like a lot of boat for the money.Taras excell at punching upwind ive sailed one at 11 knots steady downwind as well very powerful boats.Check the bilges very throughly for any corrosion in the add it says it has a needle gun on board so must have had some rust in the past.
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