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  1. southernman


    Totally agree was a great couple of days racing, venue fantastic, had my doubts they could pull it off in Lyttelton but it worked well.
  2. Hope you have a big wallet! Foreshore reserve is a bit of a mine field.
  3. Installation of a carbon filter on the outlet will remove most of the taste and odour issues with chlorinated water. It's good to fill the tank with treated water and hold a residual then remove it at point of use. 0.5 micron is good but if you want to make sure that nothing gets past make sure you use a absolute cartridge rather than a nominal one and increase it to 1 micron if you like. Aftermarket standard 10" housings are the cheapest to run rather than smaller 5" ones which are hard to source and expensive. Only issue is that they take more room up! If you want to r
  4. It's going to happen everywhere in NZ. I'm surprised that Yachting NZ and the Marine Industry Association are not getting involved. Both take fees but seem to do very little for the average punter.
  5. I have two of them and they are amazing. One at the holiday home and yes one on the boat. The good thing with the plan is that you can pause the plan so you can use it for a couple of months over Christmas when you need it then pause the plan. Rumour has it a cheaper and lower speed plan with a lot lower monthly fee is coming soon. The marine/business version is very good value and the hardware is designed for high end use. I have heard the demand is outstripping supply so the price point must be right. The boat is a little hit and miss and remember peeps if you have anything i
  6. Anyone interested in this lot? I've sold the yacht that had teak decks so don't need this lot. Cost a fortune to buy this. It's all the kit you need to fix your teak decks up. Make an offer.
  7. Go cruise laminate, hard as nails and it lasts.
  8. She's a great boat. I have had the pleasure of sailing this boat and probably the only person to have done so in anger in the last 20 years! Long story.
  9. That's a pretty cool little product, independant GPS. While not new tech it's quite handy really. If I had that I'd have wireless wind via Bluetooth, Wireless GPS via Bluetooth, Wireless depth via Bluetooth. So far I've had a very good result with wireless wind and depth products. Power consumption is so small I don't even turn them off. In fact the wind powers itself via it's solar panel. To get around the connected tablets getting wet issue, we added wireless charging pads to our Ipad Mini's inside a waterproof case. I then 3D printed some holders for them so they sit
  10. Great thanks for that, that is exactly my setup as well so I'll run with Openwind, great to have a local review.
  11. Given the Open Wind has an NMEA output which enables calculation of the rotation, one would assume it works with B&G? Does B&G take any NMEA input for wind? It's a small racing tri so our plan is to have a single B&G display e.g. chartplotter with wind input.
  12. @Island Time got a tricky one for you, race boat has a rotating mast and I want to mount wind on the top. Any ideas that would integrate with a B&G chartplotter that would show apparent and true wind? I was looking at something like this: https://www.openwind.de/ Thoughts?
  13. $250 about right. Being Stainless they won't last that long either, pitting means they often fail.
  14. Would put a bet on it that this will all end in tears.
  15. And the latest. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300507845/auckland-aid-boat-set-to-embark-on-a-pirate-adventure-after-devastating-wreck
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