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How to make Cat3 easy

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There still seems to be a bit a FUD around cat 3. 

As most of the required equipment is what we should all have on board anyway I was thinking maybe there is any easier way to present the requirements rather than the YNZ book. Although very good could be a bit confusing for some. Has anyone done a simple checklist of the required equipment?

Was thinking it would be a good thing for most in our area (even if not racing) to be up to spec inspection or not.

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Here is a Cat 4 checklist from 2 years ago.  Needs updating.


Cat 4 Checklist
13.16 Lanyard for bilge pump handle.
13.19 Two stout buckets with lanyards.
15.11 Tools including hacksaw with 10 blades, plus hammer and drift.
15.19 Sail repair kit
16.15 Suitable containers for water
17.02 Two fire extinguishers
17.05 Life jackets, one for each crew, with whistles and reflective tape. (no crotch
strap required).
17.08 Harnesses, and tethers. (50% of crew).
17.13 Lifebuoy, with drogue, whistle, reflective tape, self igniting light. Inflatable must be
serviced and in date.
17.14 Heaving line 16m.
17.15 Emergency knife near cockpit.
17.29 One anchor, chain = boat length, warp = 40m.
18.2  Handheld VHF radio.
18.7  Flares 18.8  Two flashlights (one floating, waterproof, spare battery and bulb).
19.03 Local tide tables. Marine charts. Plotting equipment
19.09 Foghorn
20.08 22 litres engine fuel.
20.16 Soft wood tapered plugs, attached to each skin fitting.
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As a requirement for the Wineworks Cook Strait Race we need to obtain Category 3 Certification. As Halo had been previously been Cat 1 certified by previous owner for Round North island Race in 2010, I wasn't anticipating too much difficulty.  However after reading the 157 pages of the YNZ Safety regulations and speaking with the Kim McMorran who does the certifications in Wellington, I realised there were a lot of details to attend to.  Kim agreed to to the inspection on Wed 13 Sept and would need boat on the hard to inspect hull, rudder, etc.  


I made up this to do list:

  • New Grab bag
  • 2 x Cyalume light sticks

  • Life buoys each with Dye Markers. Add sail number 5155

  • Dinghy - set up and secure on deck

  • Emergency navigation lights 

  • Dinghy - torch and bailer lashed in. Add boat name/number

  • 10 Seasickness tablets - Cyclizine

  • 10 Antihistamine tablets

  • Safety Location Diagram

  • Check anchors secured

  • Buckets x 4 - at least 9 litres with lanyards

  • Fire extinguishers - check total weight at least 4kg

  • Transom - add "Wellington"

  • Storm jib sail number

  • Emergency knife 

  • Life Jacket service certificates - RFD NZ for 2 x red Crewfits.

  • New Flares - 2 x Red hand flares, 2 x orange smoke flares

  • Hacksaw blades x 10

  • First aid manual - St Johns.

  • Batteries spare for torches

  • Print name and sail number of all items which can float,  floor boards, squabs, life jackets, buckets, torches, etc.

Kim did the inspection on Wednesday. I did the washdown (antifoul still good) and replaced shaft 1" zinc anode. Kim found a number of things required or recommended to fix:

  • Forward hatch - replace acrylic panel 
  • Stern light too low. Need new light > 30cm higher than deck level.

  • Middle lifeline on pushpit. Replace with Dyneema cord.

  • Storm jib - Attach sheets

  • Washboards - attach tie-downs

  • Mast base to be pinned 

  • Fire extinguisher - move away from stove.

  • Grab bag. Add lanyard and sea drogue.

  • Check emergency rudder board.

Kim will come back for second inspection once I have completed the above.


I have attached the checklist the inspectors use:

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Thanks Geoff.

Halo did the RNI in 2011 I was there in the Cav36 got a hell of a bashing down the west coast they and many others elected not to continue after Wellington.


First time I've heard of a boat needing to be hauled for a Cat 3 inspection normally only for Cat 1 or 2 the recommendations also, Whilst good seem to be more Cat 2 than 3.

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