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  1. Hi Grant, Lots of discussion on this subject here: https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f134/nz-charts-s-63-a-263226.html Personally I'm keeping my life simple by sticking with the RNC raster charts that are still available in the OpenCPN Chart Downloader. Fine for my recreational coastal cruising 😀 Cheers, Geoff
  2. I chartered a yacht in Croatia this year and had no problems using my NZ sailing qualifications. If you scroll down this Croatia Administration list you can see that New Zealand certificates are recognised: https://www.sail-croatia.com/media/valid-skipper-licences.pdf I had to show them originals of my Boatmaster, Cruising Skipper and VHF certificates when I collected the boat in Split. My trip report if you're interested: https://halologbook.com/2023/06/09/sailing-croatia-13-20-may-2023/
  3. This is Halo: https://halologbook.com/ She's not for sale though 😀
  4. Our boat Halo, a Whiting 29, during the RPNYC Commodore’s and Ambassadors Race on 30th April. Eduardo was on the bow setting up the spinnaker before we rounded the top mark at Korokoro. Mel from Latitude 41 South Photography was on the support boat getting some great action shots. We had a good race coming third on corrected time out of 24 boats. My sailing blog if anybody is interested: https://halologbook.wordpress.com/
  5. I replaced my faulty Facet fuel pump with a FUELFLOW 015 pump a few years ago. Works very well. Manufactured in New Zealand by www.fuelflow.co.nz.
  6. I had the same problem which I resolved with this little product: https://www.nasamarine.com/product/waterproof-vhf-extension-speaker/ Has worked well for 3 years in very wet conditions on my boat with Uniden UM380 radio. You just need to check your radio provides external speaker output. Local NZ agent is: 360 Marine Supplies 360marinesupplies@clear.net.nz>
  7. In Karori Rip heading home to Wellington.
  8. Yes the Garmin works a dream. You might just decide to make OpenCPN your primary plotter!
  9. Yes times have changed (for the better) since I was a R/O on P&O in the 70's. SOS over Morse Code was all we had!
  10. Safety Inspectors Checklist attached: SAFETY_Inspectors Checklist.pdf
  11. As a requirement for the Wineworks Cook Strait Race we need to obtain Category 3 Certification. As Halo had been previously been Cat 1 certified by previous owner for Round North island Race in 2010, I wasn't anticipating too much difficulty. However after reading the 157 pages of the YNZ Safety regulations and speaking with the Kim McMorran who does the certifications in Wellington, I realised there were a lot of details to attend to. Kim agreed to to the inspection on Wed 13 Sept and would need boat on the hard to inspect hull, rudder, etc. I made up this to do list: New Gra
  12. Have now connected the NMEA 0183 to the Uniden from my GPS. VHF now shows position and no more annoying alarms. All good! Thanks for the advice.
  13. Any suggestions on where to buy the "waterproof touchscreen monitors"? Only ones I've found on the net are more expensive than a pc.
  14. Hey you guys are amazing! It all makes sense now. Thank you so much. I wonder if there is some way of disabling the GPS function on the Uniden VHF seeing as I don't have a GPS receiver connected to it and it doesn't seem to be of much use in NZ?
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