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Winch maintenance

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Hi I am about to do some overdue maintenance on my winches (Barient 24)  Any suggestions where i could buy the necessary pawls and spring? Is it possible to use Lewmar  pawls and springs? 

Any help greatly appreciated 

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it's the size of the pawls + springs that matters more than who makes them


fortunately most seem somewhat standardised into big + littel


so take in whatever you find 


and compare it with whatever is being sold


it's a very simple mechanical process and fine tolerances are not needed


most owners over-grease winches in the hope that that will enable under-servicing


doesn't really work like that as over greased winches become gummed up when the excess dries out


soaking gummed bits in kero or diesel and tackling with a toothbrush works well


on reassemble you're normally looking at a white lithium grease on the winch spindle and gear teeth but machine oil on the pawl + pivot


good videos on youtube by makers like lewmar etc



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The stuff out of the lewmar winch grade pack looks and feels remarkably like bog standard ep2 Grease. A bit of 3 in one oil for the pawls as Eric suggests and you'll be fine. Servicing winches 6 monthly or yearly is easy. Every 5 years takes a lot longer!

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