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PYBC 2 handed 3 legged event, March 9-11

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Ive talked about this event with a bunch of people and all report to as being a hugely fun thing to do, so I'm keen to give it  try (subject to kids sports programmes etc etc).

What other multis are keen to join in on this but need a bit off encouragement to join in.?

If any of the smaller racers/8.5s want to give it a go but don't want to carry boom tents, cooking sh*t etc etc  or even venture below their own boats to sleep the VB will have a few spare bunks. Hey, we could even offer to carry all of your food/beer/rum if you are concerned about displacement.

Or maybe even try to get a few other slower cruisers like us to partner up with a race boat or two and make a team event out of it....




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The GBE is intending to do it.


I could be convinced - won't be very quick though!


That will be both of us at the back of the fleet then, maybe you could have a word with the handicappers.

I maybe need to start thinking about making some downwind sails before then, if I do it will be a guaranteed upwind event.

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Very tempted.. 

Route 66 the weekend before, RYC Cruising race 5 the w/e after, Jack Tar Regatta the next w/e and then RYC Cruising Race/Kawau the w/e after that.  

Sailing every w/e... hmmm  

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No not on the committee - just a club member.  I'll give John a call later today - he's probably listening here anyway!


I'm quite keen to get a social "river raft race" thing going but just haven't had the time to put any effort into it (I'm kicking myself about this double booking but its the only day that works this summer the get together at my place)

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