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AliKan Davidson 1/4 tonner

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Free to a good home.  Needs work, some/most of the bog's come off the hull.


Has rig/rudder/deck gear mostly


Anyone interested let me know and I'll put you on to the people who can talk to your people


You've got til next weekend or I believe it's off to the scrappy

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If it's just for bits and pieces they'll be lifted before you get there.


Don't mean to sound rude, I'm just the messenger boy...


I'll ask about the rudder tho


Stand by..

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I may be getting my boats mixed up, but wasn't it a Centreboarder from the late '70s?

I'm sure I remember that boat doing a race up in the BOI and the board was stuck up and they had to do a dash back to the wharf where they poured dishwashing detergent down the case and jumped on top of the board to free it.'

Also may have been called "The Russell Pumper" for the '80 or '81 1/4 ton trials? Outdated by the newer boats though and finished mid pack.

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Don't recall it ever setting the world on fire.  I remember the name of the thing but dunno if I ever even saw it live.  This boat's got a keel with small bulblets either side.  Rudder hung underneath (no cassette)  .  Maxwell primaries (frozen solid) with a couple of tiny Barients on the cabin top


Wasn't built by the guy that did Silver Bullet?  We'd made sails for his previous boat - the 53' alloy Davidson - starts with'B'....  uuummmmmm ..... bloody memory......


He came in and told us he was building an alloy 1/4 tonner.  We got excited until we saw it.  Looked like a blown up M20 (and probably shoulda been....)


Anyway - moot point.  It's in 3 bits on the trailer to the scrappy and the lead keel's apparently over by the back fence

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Posted 08 September 2010 - 08:50 AM    

Where is Alley Kan nzl 3628, winner of the 1/4 ton Pgh trophy 1978, skippered by M Ross & Roger Birch. Rodger built this Whiting Magic 

Bus in Aluminium, he also skippered it in 1979 to agian win the trophy. She sailed in the 1980 Worlds as Russell Pumper.

the 53' alloy Davidson - starts with'B'....  uuummmmmm ..... bloody memory......   Bodacious.
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AAhh...? Whiting was it?  There ya go


and yes, Bodacious it was.  Did wonder.


The skipper/navigator off Chick Chack in the Southern Cross Cup/Hobart/Auckland and I went down to Hamilton to see it in build.  There was talk of a Hobart race and we were quite keen - which was pretty stupid considering what we'd just been through but nevermind.....  When we saw it we kind of shrugged mentally.  Boat looked like it would have been ok but there were the home grown rope clutches and what not which just didn't look quite on to it enough for us. Nice cruising boat tho...

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