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  1. Looks like RAYC need to make the distinction between sports trailer yachts, which are covered by Part V, and Sportsboats which can be very different and are covered by Part VI. Maybe they could ask the BOI race week people for some guidance?
  2. My grapevine tells me one of the larger concerns at Orakei could be around the current operator's ability/willingness or unwillingness to clean up its act around discharges/oil etc entering the basin, a concern with the youth sailing seemingly based there. So reading between the lines the yacht club etc is needing seek a change in order to protect the environment. If right there sounds like some reassurances and improvements from the current operator. could assist.
  3. Hi I worked with the guy who purchased it in about 1989/90. He had it out of the water for quite a while and had a boatbuilder (don't know who) install the current interior and do some strengtheing work as he was more cruising oriented than racing but wanted something roomy and quick. He didn't sail it much. His marriage split up and he passed away maybe 20 plus years ago at a pretty young age. Not sure whether he sold it or the executor of his estate.
  4. Thanks Wal Could be otherwise interested in some bits and pieces Especially the rudder if it is removable for trailering cassette type (a bit like "Fun" and "Bashful" had)?
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