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  1. boots

    Saint Stefan

    There is a Williams 33 project on trademe
  2. First thing is does the winch turn? If it doesn't the aluminum drum on the inside will have a stainless steel sleeve, then roller bearings and another stainless steel sleeve. The dissimilar metals of Ali and SS cause corrosion swelling the outside sleeve to seize the rollers. If it is seized put the winch in a small bucket of diesel. Then the hard part starts. Let us know if it is seized?
  3. Have a look at teck talk 2 lines down Ovlov Cameron and Alan Smith F1020 has one text Alan as he sometimes does night shift 021685209
  4. Knead it epoxy aqua at blackwoods
  5. Chop the remaining broken lug off with a hack saw carefully. Measure the pitch of the two middle rivets. From the Chandlers get a U bolt that best suits the pitch of the two rivets and diameter of the U bolt. Drill the two middle rivets out and with sealant and penny washers bolt it up. The penny washers might have to be pre bent to take up the contour of the inside.
  6. Quarterback Posted 08 September 2010 - 08:50 AM Where is Alley Kan nzl 3628, winner of the 1/4 ton Pgh trophy 1978, skippered by M Ross & Roger Birch. Rodger built this Whiting Magic Bus in Aluminium, he also skippered it in 1979 to agian win the trophy. She sailed in the 1980 Worlds as Russell Pumper. the 53' alloy Davidson - starts with'B'.... uuummmmmm ..... bloody memory...... Bodacious.
  7. Experienced crew available. Colin 0220200747
  8. Harbour race the day after BBYC to Onerahi night race. 198?
  9. Some thing like this? http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-1121853447.htm
  10. BBYC have them on their bar tables. A good excuse to check them out a few times. You must have gone there after the race yesterday.
  11. The last time I saw Pickety Witch she was on a mooring at Karaka bay, the northern end near Karaka light.
  12. boots


    One of the Moonshine Farr's had the 1020 rig instead of the masthead and open stern.
  13. boots


    This one. http://www.farrdesign.com/028.htm
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