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Gas Locker

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Hi All,


Getting the boat ready for summer - last of the winter jobs (until something breaks) is sorting out the gas locker. 


The gas/oil/fender locker is for'd and a drain is going to be installed, but I also want to install a lpg/co2 detector. I was looking at one of the ones with dual sensors, so one for the locker, one for the saloon.


Presumably mounted down low in the bilges.


Anyone have any experience installing these?






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Yeah, they don’t like water, being wet or dampness. So consider that when mounting. It’s a bit of a catch 22 as LPG will sit in the bottom of the bilge just like water. You want the sensor low so it senses the gas early, but not low enough that it gets wet or it will fail and fault.


Install is fairly straight forward. Presumably your looking at the BEP unit, if you get a solenoid too, it will shut the gas off if it detects a leak which is smart. There is an override function to turn the gas back on, in case it’s a fault that sets it off, be very sure it isn’t a gas leak before using the over ride.

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I don't bother with one in the locker - a full bottle may vent a bit on a hot day. The gas locker is required to vent overboard, so if it vents or leaks, it shouldn't be a problem.

Really, all boats should have one low down in the living space though...

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