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  1. Fish, you may want to check whether your eTracer MPPT already supports logging. If you only want to record voltage rather than remaining battery capacity or current draw/charge then it may be more economic to add a simple logger to record the stats for long term storage.
  2. I am looking for an additional crew member to join us for BBYC winter series. We are entered in the Farr 1020 division. Racing starts this Sunday (Mothers day - yeah I know) at 11:30. Need to meet at the boat around 10am with a 10:30 departure. Racing is every 2nd Sunday finishing September 1st. If you are interested PM me or txt/call on 027 2888649 Steve
  3. The answer to fast charging using USB adapters is not necessarily a simple one. There are multiple standards and a bunch of proprietary implementations. The device must request fast charge, the cable needs to support fast charging and the USB port adapter must be capable of fast charging. The older USB standards only allowed 500mA max current without fast charging. This moved to 900mA with a later update. There is a good document here https://www.extremetech.com/computing/115251-how-usb-charging-works-or-how-to-avoid-blowing-up-your-smartphone It didn't help that earlier Androi
  4. Calling Mr. Google .... There are a couple of good articles here if you want the detail. It was an interesting exercise to learn some of the detail. https://batteryuniversity.com/index.php/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries https://www.androidauthority.com/maximize-battery-life-882395/ The summary being 1. It depends on your manufacturer and specific model (helpful huh?) 2. There are multiple blend types of Lithium Ion batteries that have slightly different characteristics. see https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/types_of_lithium_ion 3. Keeping the battery
  5. This is the wait list based the Facebook post (in order). There are some familiar names on this list Ballistic Miss Scarlett Stinger Truxton Bruce Curson Coppelia Cory McLennan Provincial Cowboy Katana Arbitare Cool Change Odyssey V
  6. I use one of these on Farrari as a prefeeder for the genoa. It makes life a lot easier to feed the sail up the track without the bowman having to manually feed the track. All they need to do is jump the halyard at the mast. No issues with it wearing out so far. The boat came with one nine years ago and I have replaced it once due to the original knot splice failure.
  7. +1 for Seafarer inflatables. Neil built a custom 2.4m RIB for us in 2015 and it has been awesome. He used a newer material that was better than PVC but cheaper than Hypalon. I think his website calls it TPU (Polyurethane)) - it's the grey fabric in his photo's. They must be gaining popularity as there were four of us with Seafarer dinks while we were pulled in at Coromandel - all of them made with the same grey material.
  8. Farrari


    In its most basic form a VSR is a very simple device, a smart charger perhaps not quite so much. Think of a VSR as a smart relay that closes when the start battery reaches a predefined voltage i.e. when it's charged. This saves the operator having to operate a manual switch when they think the start battery is charged and then disconnect it again when the motor is turned off. Many have manual override so if you suspect there are issues with the VSR, it can by bypassed and it will act as a manual switch.
  9. Farrari


    Aside from the fusing issue, you may want to think about using a Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) between your start and house batteries instead of the proposed manual switch. You ought to disconnect the switchboard from the ALT otherwise you are bypassing the VSR when you have both red switches engaged and risk running the start battery flat as the house battery is drained. If your cabling on the red circuit is of insufficient size you may also risk a fire. If finances allow you should also think about installing a smart charger otherwise it is going to take a month of Sundays to reach ful
  10. Farrari

    Gas Locker

    You could also consider a gas regulator that automatically shuts off the gas flow if the flow rate is too high.
  11. I replaced my Kiwiprop with a 2 blade Flexofold. I like the Flexofold as it has slightly less drag and isn't so hard on the gearbox in reverse; I also get a little more speed in forward gear although I may have also been able to achieve the same with the Kiwiprop if I had adjusted it. The yachtingmonthly article was a useful reference for me. https://flexofold.com/folding-propellers/7-saildrive-propellers/ https://www.yachtingmonthly.com/gear/folding-and-feathering-propeller-test-29807 I still have my old Kiwiprop if anyone is interested in it. It will need new blades however.
  12. Yep, I can confirm it does (on mine at least). I have a TP-32, P9 and Vulcan 7 all connected via N2K and can control steer to heading from the MFD i.e. +-1 and +-10. You can also set a way-point (or route) and enable navigate mode from the MFD.
  13. Farrari

    Cup app

    Not that I would condone such behaviour but you could always try a VPN service to get around the geo restrictions. https://www.expressvpn.com/order
  14. Farrari

    DIY autopilot

    It's not until you start playing around with these things that you realise how much effort goes into the R&D, writing and maintaining the code etc. I'm not saying they aren't making lots of profit on this stuff but their costs are definitely significantly more than just the sum of the parts. Take a look at how many lines of code have gone into Slanty's project. This is all possible because of everyone contributing their code for free under an open source license.
  15. Farrari

    DIY autopilot

    Another site along those lines is http://www.sainsmart.com. Shipping isn't free but it is cheap; $5.00 USD to get my 9 inch touch screen shipped by China Post. The screen was only $55 USD
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