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Catalina 7 vs Noelex 25 cabin space/headroom.

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Hi, I am basically tossing up between a Catalina 7 & Noelex 25 and was curious as to the differences in the internal space of both and how they compare ie general size, headroom, berth size etc? Obviously the Noelex is a bit longer but does this equate to a larger cabin? Catalina 7 has ‘pop top’ not sure about Noelex? Cheers ????

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Gosh is chalk like cheese, after been trailer yachts the differences kick in.

The C7 has a deep Skeg, with the pivoting centreboard intruding the length of the main salon. While the N25 has a vertical dagger board set forward giving an 'open' salon area.

There is also a difference in the static height in the cabin due to the raised floor in the C7 compared to the N25.

Visit a trailer yacht club or compound and step from one to the other.

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