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  1. A few years ago I did a lot of racing on Fully Charged out of Tauranga. We did a lot of coastal sailing wet weather gear was watertight for about a year so bought a few sets.We ended up going to the Kaiwaka gear hard wearing not as comfortable but water tight for quarter of the price and you can spend the change on merino to keep warm
  2. There is one just turned up on Facebook Felix Steglich nz sailing gear buy sell swap 15000 might be worth a look
  3. You will need insurance of some sort .Marinas haul out and a lot of club moorings you always have to provide a certificate of insurance before they let you in.Having a old wooden Chico we are now being screwed by insurance has almost doubled in 2 years and half the cover .That being said we suck it up and pay as it is not the loss of your boat it is the damage you can cause to others.Another thing to remember if you wreck you boat you are responsible for the removal of the wreck and damage ie diesel around a mussel farm this is said as I have experienced a a total loss and wreck removal not ch
  4. I put them on my Chico which has a short boom I find them great just drop the main and clean up at anchor.I have a shock cord system and let them go and have a couple of plastic cover hooks by the goose neck to hook them over. I started out with the blocks tied to the spreaders .I found that if I moved the blocks away from the mast it worked a whole lot better and weren’t prone to slap against the mast.Ive have had the mast out a couple of years ago so mounted the blocks on the spreaders .Just makes life that little easier
  5. Some of the later Noelex had pop tops think headroom is about 5ft 8.Personally I would go for the Noelex you pay a bit more but they hold their value only boat I got my money back.Make sure you get a braked trailer.
  6. Toltec


    Cool will look into that
  7. Toltec


    Does anyone know where you can get a decent sponge for sponging out the bilges they all seem non absorbing now days.Bought up 5 Good ones about 5 years ago can’t seem to get them anymore
  8. Had my bill through the other day gone from $630 a year to over$900 and less cover on the boat is well .Over 25 years old.( 1975) the rig and sails aren’t covered unless under 5 Years old .8years since we did all rigging and new sails.Have decided to suck it up as you need insurance now days.Bottom line they don’t want to insure boats over 25 years.I need to have it to be on my pile Mooring,haul out and access to marinas you basically can’t do without it.Thing to remember with having 3rd party is its a bummer to lose your boat but are they going to pay for the removal of your wreck which could
  9. I have a Honda 4 in one 4 stroke great unit and quiet .Certainly the best unit I have owned and I have had a couple
  10. I just bought a big plastic stencil from warehouse stationary and coloured them with vivid marker also did The dinghy lasts about 3 to 4 years
  11. Toltec


    We used to build them and paddle up and down the creek in them I don’t know how we never cut ourselves on the sides and when they sunk we just used to retrieve them at low tide
  12. Chico 30 good manners always get you home many have sailed round the world some reasonably priced should be able to get one in your price range watch the teak decks.
  13. Be very interested to see how it works for them as the boat is moving alot
  14. What you have to check now is that salt water has ot entered the system if it has its you are looking at replacement did a 10.50 fridge a few years ago but the fault was picked up quickly and we managed to flush the system. If it has been sitting for a while I would say the system is contaminated.I think you might be spending good money on bad.New 12volt system and a good solar panel will be a lot cheaper or a 10litre bock of frozen water in the freezer would give you 3 to 5 days. I must be the only Refrigeration engineer who doesn’t have a fridge on his boat pulled ours out as could see to ma
  15. I would pressure test the system first before Buying a compressor and check the TX valve to see what gas the system was running on there will hopefully be a plate on the freezer box which will give access to the valve. Pressure system to about 300psi with nitrogen and leave for a week to check for leaks if system holds pressure then start looking at reinstalling the compressor .You can spend a lot of time looking for a leak and may never find it
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