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Just brought the 12 m harryproa back to Auckland from taipa, nice sail over 4 days, didn’t end up shunting as I had a tiller pilot and the outboard on one end so couldn’t be bothered changing that around or going backwards. Will give it some love before next summer once things get back to normal.


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So far I have found it easier to keep one end as the front where the anchor is and the other end the back with the motor and auto pilot. There is advantages to shunting so I will set the boat up to do that mostly. Possibly a 180degree swiveling outboard bracket plus ability to use the auto pilot in both directions 

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Nice work,

I did exactly the same trip 3 years ago when I picked up my GBE.  It was moored right next to your proa in the Taipa river at the time and we sailed it back to Auckland.  Had to motor about 90% of the way due to a lack of wind, which was excruciating to say the least.  Good times though. It's a stunning stretch of NZ coastline to see in person.

Picture attached of my son "helping" me with the planning.




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Hi, I was the person who almost brought the Aroha last year, I found a long trailer that would be ideal for beaching, if you are interested. I really liked the concept and the vessel, just decided the project was too big for me.

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