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Westhaven Marina Berth Rental Rates 2020/2021

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Looks like Westhaven are looking to raise their rates soon.

So instead of offering a break in such challenging times they are charging ahead with scheduled yearly increases. 
Looking at items they want to invest in, there are some that will be used by public as well, why should berth holders fund these. I reckon Auckland Council should freeze work on "nice to have" projects until the economy recovers. I wonder if they are obliged to get a buy-in from berth holders, before investing in projects?

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Nope and soon will be a year with no parking near our berth no apology in fact they assured us that the carpark would be finished by February result more carpark dug up and barricaded off, rather than putting the price up yet again you would think Panuku should be following the countrywide be nice line haha. Panuku squandering more ratepayers funds with no mandate to do so.

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Yes I believe berth holders shouldn't be funding the Panuku vanity project . Certainly the water clarity hasn't improved. Parking is a total joke. I measured the distance from car park to my boat yesterday....285 metres one way. Also no security that I have seen operating over the last 6 weeks. Cameras all removed and no visible persons walking up and down the piers.  Add on the total deconstruction of downtown Auckland...Quay St.. Zero faith in Auckland Council  on any thing they take on .Keep bumping up the  rates and us suckers will pay!

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