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  1. After many years serving the family with awesome holidays Straycat is finally for sale. Its a catamaran that ticks pretty much all the boxes, a very easy to manage boat. Does need a little cosmetic TLC but functionally turn key ready. We have a listing option with a broker as well. Currently have only listed it in FB but the broker will be going to market soon. The inventory and details file is too large to attach here, but I can send through directly. Feel free to make contact for questions or viewing. snsharma@xtra.co.nz https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/760593311275
  2. Those little plastic dinghys are soo buoyant, lethal.
  3. Here is a take on how boat owners could recoup their marina space and costs... Marinas with well presented boats give a certain appeal and nautical character to a city. The boat owner bears the cost and burden of creating this scene for the city. We just need a legal representation to claim compensation But anyway, NZ has such a huge coastline, why dont Panuku or council take non-boating ammenities elsewhere, instead of encroaching and almost punishing the AKL boatie
  4. Hello, Looks like Westhaven are looking to raise their rates soon. So instead of offering a break in such challenging times they are charging ahead with scheduled yearly increases. Looking at items they want to invest in, there are some that will be used by public as well, why should berth holders fund these. I reckon Auckland Council should freeze work on "nice to have" projects until the economy recovers. I wonder if they are obliged to get a buy-in from berth holders, before investing in projects?
  5. The store is starting to look a little empty, however much more to sell still. I am told that Everything is 30% less rrp now. Boaties love to browse through boat bits, so I feel there still is good market for a marine superstore like SC, and I am not talking about store with low cheap/quality goods
  6. From experience yanmar impellers are hard wearing, on sail boats with lesser engine use they should last a few hundred hours easily. I have had to recon the pump before issues with impeller. However I carry few spare impellers for 3gm30.
  7. Could not find a quantifiable reason for the rise. It states due to improvements and extensions. Does it mean berth holders have to fund the extension, and improvements. If so then do we get to decide to what extent we want the extension carried out!! Also once these works have been paid for do the rates reduce!! Renters and berth holders need some clarity on the rise.
  8. Spoke to a guy at Sandspit who was scrubbing barnacles off his launch. He was most disappointed with W&F Warpaint, 6 months and had a lot of growth!! His comment "Expensive mistake". I guess others may have had better results?
  9. In my experience SC carried better, if not top brands. Yeah their prices of some items were higher but they always gave a reasonable discount when one requested. Burnsco have many items that are their own brand, some of which may not be of quality. We got pile of Hatch covers, looks to be made of thin canvas, did not last, they weren't cheap either. However they have a good online presence with many stores around the country.
  10. How old were the panels? I know Monocrystal ones tend to have working warrantee of upto 25 years. I did not think there was any electronics inside the panel, diodes will be in your controller.
  11. Yea kittens that have gone stray . I have also seen a smaller power cat with same name. I guess this is bound to happen as there is no mandatory registration for boats in NZ.
  12. Way back in a small cat we had, came with packing foam chips in the mast, which I suspect was to stop ropes slapping. It worked but at times halyards were harder to pull with bits of foam flying out of the exit pulley. Good question, I wonder how spar makers deal with it. VP might have some clue.
  13. We were in Oneroa on the week of 7th Jan but are back in AKL now. The registered name of our boat is "Straycat III" but the name printed on boat is Straycat only, must be another one with same name printed on hull. UNLESS some bugger has decided to take my boat for a cruise, I must check on it I do recall seeing Gale Force some where in our travels through last 2 weeks.
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