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  1. Once again the average boatie is getting pushed away from an area created for them in the first place. I wonder if Westhaven boat owners can take the over the lease.
  2. While discussing the future of Little Shoal bay (LSB) the idea of setting it up as a memorial to a true pioneer of catamarans came to mind. Malcolm Tenant was a passionate multihull designer with designs such as the GBE and Turissimo which are leading races even today. I met him in late 80s, he always had plenty of time to discuss his new ideas. LSB would have to be the perfect spot for such memorial, over looking city of sails and the place for GBEs and others designs. Just a thought anyway.
  3. Warnings werenโ€™t issued till late so they got caught possibly.
  4. Well, thanks to Philip Duncan from WeatherWatch doing those daily videos on the whole pacific that gave some of us a clue that a low forming way up in the pacific could become a cyclone that he said most likely will head our way. In response, we moved our vessel to a safe spot a week ago. Even if the boat would have been ok up north, the worry and stress of not knowing while the storm was raging would have been too much. If we were to follow metservice forecast through the week, things could have been worrying.
  5. Metservice did not raise wind forecast till Very late. All week they mentioned 15 knots. In fact this has been the case for about a month. We saw a few boaties fueling up yesterday ๐Ÿ˜•
  6. Installed coastguard app on the iPhone, blimin awesome ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  7. I have been using the online version of PredictWind which seems pretty good. The weather channel reports from the Hauraki gulf used to be published somewhere, but that went way back.
  8. straycat


    Hello, Is there a online portal for nowcasting anymore.
  9. FWIW: Soft foot was our problem. We replaced old and worn Yanmar mounts with R&D and struggled to get the shaft aligned, it turned out to be bent. Got a new one made by Marine Propulsion who did an awesome job. Getting rid of soft foot was a mission, we discovered it by putting a feeler gauge between the bottom (resting) nut of the mount and engine bracket. As for the mount.. R&D on Yanmar seems to be a bad idea. Idling had to be increased to stop the engine shaking vigorously. Many forums mentioned they had to revert to proper Yanmar mounts to get rid of this shaking at idle.
  10. Multihulls capsize, which does cause a lot of damage on them. Also past history of home built boats all built very differently and not to any standard. Tris are less known in the sailing world and racing ones have exposed many risks. Only recently we have the likes of Neel Trimarans that are a proper production boat.
  11. Only reason he need this is to keep on the berth in Tauranga until he gets it up to a mooring in AKL. Everyone will insure a monohull which has one fast route to Davey Jones if holed, Tris will float always
  12. A fellow multihull owner is trying to get insurance coverage for a 40ft Trimaran, is struggling to find someone who take on his Trimaran. Its a Searunner 40. Anyone know who would?
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