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WTB Mariner Prince or Princess

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Well... maybe.

Not saying anything bad but here is reply I got from last nights email to Southern Plumbing.

In fact thumbs up for fast reply..

We would start with a service call which is $320.00 incl GST.

This covers the first hour and 15 minutes of labour on the job.

Anything beyond that the Plumber/Gas fitter will discuss with you. Materials are extra.
We require you to be onsite when we are here for the service call.

If there is rubber hose used as gas piping, we cannot do any work or testing until this is replaced with a suitable pipe.

In Order for us to certify the job, the entire gas installation including the bottle and piping and ventilation has to be compliant with the gas installation standard for boats.

If the installation is not compliant, we will not be able to perform any tests and we will charge time for quote. Which is $90 including GST. Proposal will be sent shortly after visit.

If you wish to book in a service call we require:

Billing name:
Billing address:
Boat name, location and length:

Site contact:

Please note that after 7 years there are no longer spare parts produced for gas appliances and after that it can be almost impossible to locate any. 
If the unit is over 15 years we cannot guarantee any repairs will last a reasonable amount of time, or guarantee that it can even be repaired. You may choose to put the money toward a new appliance instead of attempting to repair it.

Kind Regards,

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Yep, if its a serious problem, take the unit out and send it to them maybe? Or you could point out to them that this is a repair, and that the gas standards are not retrospective! Good luck with that.

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yes my intent was to send it to them but TBH I think there are so many get out of jail clauses already on display that I would feel reluctant to bother. 

Bloody shame because these units are excellent 


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