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  1. Certainly hope the border re-opening is a help. Memories of KBC dinners and lunches have helped to keep us going over the past two years. It would be horrible if the place closed down.
  2. My Mariner Princess works fine except for the grill, which works just fine if you hold the button in but goes out immediately if you let go. My keen understanding of all things electrical and stove-related led me to conclude the thermocouple is pooched. I think there was a thread here that suggested they could be found in China. But I was told I might have a hard time getting a gasfitter to work on the stove, so didn't follow up
  3. The Stuff piece is excellent.
  4. It's Wednesday night round-the-cans, so probably about 7:30 pm. Lake Ontario, off Toronto. The photog (whose J24 lives just across from Connemara) caught that amazing light as the sun was lowering.
  5. And I'll be darned if I know how I got two copies in that post. Oh, well. Technology is sent to try us. MS
  6. I think this is a pretty glamorous picture, but it's not from Godzone, so forgive me if that's a requirement. This is my Canadian boat, Connemara (Mirage 27), racing in July. I'm at the helm and the crew, apparently doing the Watusi on the foredeck, are actually getting the whisker pole in place for the run to the finish.
  7. Yes, IT, that was the original thought a couple of years ago when my mechanic first noticed that the device was kind of tatty: Take it to a shop and refurbish it, for relatively little money. The work did not seem urgent and we put it on the list of Things To Do Down The Line. I'm out of the country for the foreseeable future (presumably the border will re-open someday), so this fall seemed a good time. So he took it off and cleaned it up a bit. What he found changed his mind and at this distance I have to trust his judgment. regards MS
  8. I have only seen pictures (I'm currently in Toronto) but my mechanic says it's rather "porous" and should be replaced. Doing the sort of repair you mentioned was his first thought, when we first discussed its condition several months ago. Then he got the piece off and looked at it. Ooops. The Volvo part now retails for more than $2,700 with another couple of hundred for a support bracket. But I found a replacement in the US for $755 US including shipping (and a bracket). Still a hunk of cash but better than it could have been. It's beginning to look as if we will sell the boat and move up
  9. Wolf, thanks. I just bought a new one (not the gold-plated Volvo product but an after-market job). My mechanic was not sanguine about a used part being much better than the one he took off. But good to know about your old motor ,... we seem to be running into these issues more and more often. regards MS
  10. The trusty Penta 2003 needs a new part, but a used one would be nice if it wasn't too dilapidated. It's part number 859360. Anybody got one or have a line on one? MS
  11. Doubt they'd make a service call to Westhaven. But good to know.
  12. Bradz, thanks for this. There's no hurry, since we can't get to NZ anyway and couldn't get in if we could. But with any kind of luck, we'll be there next summer and before then I will order from aliexpress. I'll pick your brain about how they are replaced closer to the day. best MS
  13. Hey Bradz, did you get any joy from Aliexpress? FWIW, I also tried to clean my grill thermocouple to no avail.
  14. I have a Mariner Princess two-burner that works very well except that the grill thermocouple went a couple of years back. I couldn't get any clarity on whether the themocouples were standard parts, so that an aftermarket substitute would work. And when I asked I got a caution that gasfitters are reluctant to work on the old stoves and likely to just throw their hands up and tell me to get a new one. So do I understand from this discussion that they are standard and can be replaced from this US company? MS
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