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  1. Connemara (Mirage 27) was new to me at the time and I had spent some time figuring out a combination of line and shackles that would allow me to keep the boarding ladder in place, but allow me to drop it from the water as well as from the cockpit. On a sunny midday week in Toronto, I was washing the deck and put the mop down for a minute. It started to slip out of the boat, so I grabbed for it. Of course, I tripped over the handle and went arse over teakettle into our basin, which is not the cleanest and most salubrious body of water in the world. After a thrash around, with no one nearb
  2. HA very helpful. Stripper rings should arrive today and their guy said there's no need for the “special Barient tool” on my winches — just take out three screws. So all good. M
  3. been on their site and didn't see that. will look again; that might be the way to go. m
  4. Yes, I know about them, thanks.
  5. I'm trying to replace/fix the stripper rings on my Barient winches. To do that I need to get the jaws apart. The manuals I find seem to suggest an Allen key to get the winch off its mounting, but also seem to say some sort of special tool is required to get the jaws apart afterwards. The name of the tool is usually something like :"Barient special winch tool," which is no help at all. Does anyone have such a tool or know where it can be found? Or even better, a workaround? My winches are 24-45s and 21-33s. regards MS
  6. Thanks for all the replies, especially the all-you-need-to-know link. It appears the issue was under-charging. When I put the batteries on my wee 12v charger, connected to mains power, they went up to 13.6 (on the multi-meter), and lasted MUCH longer on the water. The only difficulty was that it took at least 8 hours to get there. I have now run one of them to the point that it cut out ; I'll put it on the charger and see how long it takes to get back up. And it remains open whether the supplied charging system, meant to go in a DC outlet with the motor running, will do the tric
  7. Thanks for the comments and thoughts. The batteries come with a jack for a 12v outlet; you hook them up with the motor running. Last summer they were charging to about 13.4 that way. But this year, so far, I can't get them above 12.9. I think the mains charging is doing a better job, although it's slow with my teeny charger. But the one on charge is now up to 13.4 when I put a multimeter on it and still not "fully charged" according to the charger. We'll see how it goes. I'll post the stats on the batteries if this process doesn't solve the problem. MS
  8. Always glad to help expand the world. I suppose I should have mentioned it's an electric outboard that I'm using for a tender motor.
  9. I bought a Watersnake Venom SXW 44/36 last summer from Sailor's Corner. I also bought two 18ah lithium batteries, as recommended The combination seemed to work well even though the batteries didn't last as long as I'd like. This season, however, they are not lasting at all. Yesterday, with a measured charge of 12.9, the one lasted 250 metres to shore and halfway back before it conked out. I am usually running at 2 or 3; not the faster modes. It's possible I'm just seeing a floating charge (if that is the term) and they need to be more deeply charged. But it took about an hour or mor
  10. Thanks for the insights. The charts are good but don't give the whole picture. We are pretty familiar with the Gulf and the coast as far as BOI (about eight years of summer sailing in the region) but for one reason or another have never really thought of going the other way. We might try to make the jaunt to Tauranga this summer. Thanks all MS (Above the Fold)
  11. Well, car was the first option but the admiral thought boating it might be an idea. We usually hang around the Gulf or go north. Just thought I'd get a second or third opinion. MS
  12. The grandkids have a cricket tournament in Hawke's Bay in January. We thought we might like to take the boat (Wright 10 in Westhaven) around to Napier to catch a game or two, visit a winery or two, and generally do family things for a week or two. But we've never been down that way by boat. Any thoughts on how long the trip would take (assuming wind and weather not too unfavourable)? We'd be double-handing and anchoring every night. No watch and watch for us. MS
  13. Hmm. They had a lot of warning that was coming. Pretty sure I'd have tucked a reef into that main. And maybe had the guy the foredeck in a PFD. Looked as if the cameraman was tethered in (he/she was holding onto what looked like a tether) but no body else seemed to be. Lucky that nothing broke and no one went over.
  14. Has anyone heard whether there will be a restaurant at KBC this summer? Last we heard, in March, was that the operators were giving up owing to various difficulties (getting staff, renewing contract) and there were no prospects for anyone taking over. We DO like to break up the trip north with a stop there.
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