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  1. I have a Mariner Princess two-burner that works very well except that the grill thermocouple went a couple of years back. I couldn't get any clarity on whether the themocouples were standard parts, so that an aftermarket substitute would work. And when I asked I got a caution that gasfitters are reluctant to work on the old stoves and likely to just throw their hands up and tell me to get a new one. So do I understand from this discussion that they are standard and can be replaced from this US company? MS
  2. I'd rather hire it done. I'm surprised that, with all the boating-related industries in New Zealand, no one does this (or at least is not known to do this by members of crew.org (who (we know) know all)).
  3. lol. Not helpful but mildly amusing. It's actually an old newspaper expression; the family thought it was better than "Deadline".
  4. So this is not quite as high-tech as some questions ... but does anyone in the Auckland area make fitted sheets for v-berths and quarter-berths? MS
  5. Boat in the club next door (Ashbridge's Bay Yacht Club, Toronto) called Rattle Ya Dags. Given the general absence of sheep in the vicinity, I would guess that few people understand it.
  6. My bad. I thought the title was a typo.
  7. Exactly what happened when we bought Above the Fold. We gave the dealer our top number. He came back with something like: "If you can just come up a couple of grand, you'd get it." We replied that we'd have to sell a grandchild to get any more cash and resigned ourselves to not getting the boat. We were sitting in a pizza joint in Kingsland later that evening, drowning our disappointment, when the dealer called to say the owners had accepted our offer.
  8. I looked it up. Easterly to a bit southeasterly, between 15 and 20 knots.
  9. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/boatie-winched-to-safety-after-five-hour-ordeal/VSQPOXG5MZRFSZDTPJGT7VILNE/ Looks like pretty benign conditions to me but it's hard to tell from the Herald story exactly what happened. M
  10. ATF had Autohelm instruments aboard, so when the fluxgate compass/control head failed, we went with Raymarine. New EV-1 sensor unit and P70s control head. The original drive unit was just fine and is going strong. Can't recall its model but it does not have controls on it; it was driven by the control head.
  11. I was born here. I have played in it for decades, Now I want to be in the sunshine. Especially since I can't even play hockey this year.
  12. Montreal is colder than Toronto. Our wine only turns to slush.
  13. Toronto, where the days are growing shorter and colder and boats are out of the water. In the usual run of things, I'd be getting ready to head south. Instead I am buying firewood and contemplating woolly hats.
  14. Sigh. I watch the boats, but mostly I watch the scenery. I'd love to be sailing up the harbour with Rangitoto and Browns ahead, and a lunchtime swim at Izzy Bay in prospect. But (sighs again) looks like that's off for the foreseeable future ... unless the new majority government opens the borders a wee bit. I see some celeb's nanny was deemed an essential worker; perhaps as granny and grandpa, we could make a similar claim that the grand-sailors need our care?
  15. But to my point... is there no pressure to find a roadmap that could let some tourists in for the event, in the hope of recouping at least some of the millions spent on it? M
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