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  1. Sigh. I watch the boats, but mostly I watch the scenery. I'd love to be sailing up the harbour with Rangitoto and Browns ahead, and a lunchtime swim at Izzy Bay in prospect. But (sighs again) looks like that's off for the foreseeable future ... unless the new majority government opens the borders a wee bit. I see some celeb's nanny was deemed an essential worker; perhaps as granny and grandpa, we could make a similar claim that the grand-sailors need our care?
  2. But to my point... is there no pressure to find a roadmap that could let some tourists in for the event, in the hope of recouping at least some of the millions spent on it? M
  3. Well, there will be some, of course, but as things stand they'll all be locals, of limited benefit to the hotel, tourism, and hospitality industries. I would have expected, by now, to see some hint that those folks are pressing the government to give them a break and open the doors a crack, but a quick scan of the relevant websites turned up nothing. Waiting until after the election? Or is it Fortress New Zealand from now until eternity? Or am I missing some sort of groundswell? Seems to me that a lot of people must have been planning for a tourist windfall this spring and summer and now they
  4. My issue -- that the page number buttons did not take me to the page in question but did nothing -- appears to have cleared up. Yay!
  5. Nope. Even in North America, the port running light is red
  6. to answer the question: nowhere near as good.
  7. Well, we have an electric halyard winch so our mileage differs. But we really like the LF boom, although it has taken a while to figure out all its tricks (one of the upper battens tends to snag on the boom unless the sail is slightly backwinded at that point in the furl, for example). I had to grind up the main on a friend's Beneteau 36 a while back and I thought I was going to have a stroke halfway through. MS
  8. Used them for several years on my Canadian boat, a 27-foot Mirage, also with old Barients. They worked pretty well. The key to the self-tailing trick is to make sure the line is stacked on the winch -- three or maybe four wraps -- so that there's upward pressure on the bottom of the wincher. It's also a pretty good idea not completely to trust the locking-in-the-groove thing; I always cleated off as well. Then I got a pair of Andersens at a deep discount and the winchers were history. Michael Smith
  9. $100 million? Not if the tourists can't come.
  10. I've never found a copy there and I've been looking since I bought Above The Fold (Wright 10). But nice to know there's a Kindle version.
  11. (sobs) But I want to be on my boat!
  12. I see there are plans for racing starting in December in Auckland, and the story I read said that the competitors are en route. So the next question is whether I (and thousands of others) will even be able to come to NZ by then. In the best scenario, the pandemic will have been brought under control and borders opened, but my god, how much will air travel cost? I had been looking forward to sitting on Above the Fold off Brown's Island and watching the action. Now???
  13. Just a follow-up. Clicking on the number link still doesn't work, but if I right-click and use "Open in New Tab" I get (as you might expect) a new tab with the page I want. (Or left-click if you use the mouse with your left hand ... there is probably a term of art that covers both but I don't know it.) Of course, I then wind up with a zillion open tabs, but into each life some rain must fall.
  14. Open Link in New Tab (or Window) still works.
  15. I'm on a MacBook Pro, running MacOS Sierra (10.12.6). I use Google Chrome Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit). It's an odd one; I just noticed a few days ago. regards MS
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