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  1. Nothing like the outflows in Tahiti et al... the solution to pollution is dilution was the response we got when last chartering up there, no holding tanks.
  2. Great looking boat in the link there Liz!
  3. We have had good success removing various sealants with this https://www.burnsco.co.nz/adhesive-cleaner-425g?gclid=Cj0KCQjwn_OlBhDhARIsAG2y6zMjQfWdFQ0m_8x5Sd_ZnwGxtITtk-svFxgSP7dIw6wkNewtqPo71yAaAtr8EALw_wcB Wont be cheap, but really is spray it on, wait 5 mins and scrap it off.
  4. Yes, as required by legislation, however a Friday is not a weekend. The above mentioned drivers, too are entitled to penal rates for yesterday.
  5. Not quite the case. I think you will find that the unionised NZ Bus drivers (Auckland) want the new rate and retain all of the original terms associated with previous agreements. I for one can't remember the last time I was paid double time to work on the weekend, or at night, definiately have never been paid $60/h to do so.
  6. Bradz

    Pier 21

    We had a booking coming out 25 July. Had a phone call from the office today cancelling our booking, property has been sold Pier 21 are no more. I think the date may have been from 22 July, can't remember that part of the conversation.
  7. Pretty sure the lower housing is removable, you''l then be left with a deck mount puck. Looks to be the same style as B&G antenna which we deck mounted.
  8. We used to use squash balls under concrete pavers to support turntables in nightclubs/dance parties etc. We replaced them every month or so. They rapidly lose the air within and quickly become a mush of rubber when under constant pressure.
  9. Markone may be available, PM me and ill give you owners details.
  10. Bradz

    Electric outboards

    Yes, mostly, cool live demand website. https://www.transpower.co.nz/power-system-live-data
  11. Hi Scotty, Ill take it. PM me please. thanks Brad
  12. Yes, replaced the thermocouple with aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32787929278.html I should have ordered 4 to have one spare. No doubt the others will fail at some point. If you order, do so with the slowest shipping, make them cheap as chips. If you are in urgent need I have one spare you could have now while waiting for shipping.
  13. We have just been through this over Easter weekend. Winch has been slowing down over the past year. Solution was to remove the motor, leaving winch drum in place. Dismantled the drive motor, cleaned with brakleen. Removed a lot of old grease, the brushes where gunked up, my guess is this may be your issue. Get the bushes moving freely and in good contact. they don't like a build up of grease where conductivity need to occur. Spray the stator and brushes with CorrossionX. Grease where required. Reassemble and we are away. In fact, i would say she spools faster than ever since we have owned the
  14. Ye we did ours pretty much the same though was up in a craddle on the hardstand. We used a rigging lifting strap thrown over the boom and chain block. Got it to xyz position, released tension, shimmed the strap further out, hoist push out, repeat. We have a 3YM30 so similar in weight. I wouldn't hesitate to do the same again with the boat in the water. 2 person job but saved a Hiab in and out.
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