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Another idiot in a runabout

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So on Easter Friday we headed away on the boat. Sailing along about 500m East of northern leading marker, when we had a large rib zoom past us doing a solid 25 knots about a boat length away. 

While annoying, this happens often enough that it wouldn't normally warrant further comment. Except that in this case the rib was the harbour master. 

That's not the best part though. I then phoned the harbour masters office to let them know what I thought of the manoeuvre, and the duty officer on the phone tried to tell me the 5 Knot rule applies to within 200 meters of a fixed structure or moored vessel and that I was neither. When I pointed out there was also a requirement to do 5 knots within 50 meters of another craft he did agree and apologise on behalf of their boat 'if' it had been within 50m of us. 

Pretty disappointing that a) the harbourmasters boat isn't following their own rules and b) the duty officer on the phone doesn't seem to know them. 

I guess from their point of view at least they were going fast enough I didn't have a chance to get a video of them zooming past...




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Yes the harbour master has some real tossers driving around the Gulf for sure. I had an altercation with one of their guys a few years ago who pulled his book out to ticket me. I gave him a final warning that he was messing with the wrong person and to go away. He pressed on so whilst he was alongside me writing a ticket I pulled up his boss on speed-dial and explained the situation and how the HM vessel had failed to give way to the other stand-on vessel (me) on his starboard bow - and how I had video evidence. I showed the tosser who I was talking to and he went pale, put away his book of tickets, and drove back to base for a telling off.

Now, every time I see a yellow & black RIB I get my phone ready to record whatever stunt he decides to pull this time.

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