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Westhaven propeller bandits

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Sail drive bits look ok, though the prop has been off for a while , if you want a good price for replacement contact me. I would suggest that the installer did not read the instructions, as some 'professionals' dont not far North of Auckland. 

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Was thinking more the fact that the anode has been coated in prop speed so therefore became decorative only.

Next thing to fizz away I would imagine would probably be the prop nut?

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There should have been an anode on the Gori as well, and no split pins on saildrive prop! Yes whoever did the prop speed needs a talking to. 

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What was the time frame for that growth?
Presumeably, he got in the birth on that prop. In forward or stern first?

Got to be under the boat/ thereabouts.

Or he’s telling porkies/senor momento.

Hmm I once volunteered to help my daughter drop some hydrophones.

Her being a qualified skipper and all, I though I’d show how good I was reversing to the gps mark. I had forgotten to either put the split pin in the nut or left both them off, prop shot off into the turdgid as soon as I hit reverse. Took us awhile to get back on the aux.

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Nice end to this story.

Seller has made a claim on his insurance and apparently a new prop is winging its way from Sweden. 

He had a diver look for it in/around the berth with no luck.

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