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Electronics package required

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Doing a refit of a Farr 1020

Has the barest of necessities at present, running vintage Navman speed and depth and that's about it.

Looking for plotter, pilot, speed, depth and wind. Before committing to a full spend up does anyone know of a flasher boat doing a refit soon that might be keen to sell a boat load of electronics? 

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The wind is usually the issue 2nd hand, as they are commonly the failure point that makes them prompted to upgrade. The rest I have a few options, and a few more over the next few weeks. Probably do something if you wish, but you might be surprised at the cost of a new system. Send me a PM or give me a call if you want to discuss. Can show you the options at Gulf Harbor if you wish - and the new stuff as well.

Matt 0221539176

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Yeah good point re: wind gear.

Coming off 2 racers into a family boat I'm probably overestimating my requirements. 

Although being able to have the pilot steer to wind is knocking on a requirement these days,  and having an integrated plotter on the last boat was a life changer.

I'm getting old

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we are going to have a b&g h2000 nmea0183 system coming out soon if you are interested -  not including displays and wind gear but there are options for that. All good working order. 

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