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  1. https://hdimarine.net/product/v834-mixing-elbow/
  2. They would have 228565 reasons to process them!!! $$$ Will be interesting how it goes... quite expensive for a shortish race and I'd be concerned about collisions if they get anywhere near the numbers they hope for. But good luck to them... it would be quite a spectacle!
  3. I've always been concerned when during spring NIWA predicts a long hot indian summer! It always seems to put a curse on us. I prefer when they predict it's not going to be great as it often ends up much better. I think all the crap weather we are having now sets us up for a better summer. NZ weather never stays the same for that long and heading away on the end of crap weather should give you a decent period of the good stuff!
  4. Sounds like that boat just needs to sail faster!!!.... it's still a Young 11
  5. Oceanair seem to be very good at dealing with engine driven compressor systems. I'd recommend them. A sorted engine driven compressor freezer/fridge is awesome! I haven't come across anything that cools drinks faster... just got to be careful not to freeze them!
  6. CarpeDiem is on to it. Volvo dealers may say otherwise but for the D1-20 it is easy to get the overheat alarm to sound with the expansion tank in the standard position if motor sailing on port tack. Island Time, I never tried overfilling the expansion tank, but certainly filled it to the max recommended level. Even so air managed to find its way in to trigger the overheat alarm on port tack.... moving the expansion tank higher (so it's always the highest point in the system) solved the issue. Look on google and you will find a lot of people overseas have experienced similar. Also as
  7. I've done a fishing trip with Lance out of Westport hunting giant Bluefin Tuna... We had to wait 3 days for the weather to settle enough for the bar to open. Even then it was touch and go... but we got out and fished for 3 days in some pretty rugged conditions.... and there was talk about if the bar would be open for our return or would we need to stay out. It was rugged but I always felt safe enough. I was surprised when I heard of the tragedy and the weather reports. First thought was that Lance and the Enchanter have been out and fished in worse than that! (and I still believe thi
  8. I'm amazed he has bought a new boat to return to a fleet of 3 before the investigation is even concluded!
  9. Actually in many ways its easier to fill a bigger hole (but there are limits!).... better access to taper the edges etc
  10. You would be referring to Charles Brown and Anteaus
  11. The herald article is absolute crap and very one sided! Bolton was a "colourful character", a "lovable rogue", but he could not be criticised as a poor sailor or a man who did not care about his yacht, Elliott said. I don't doubt that he was "colourful" and a "rouge" but looking at how his boat was maintained and reports on getting in the way of ferries etc I'd question his abilities as a sailor or how much he cared for his yacht!!! On a very rare occasion in this case I'm leaning towards the council's side!
  12. Aqualine has a gift handicap! I reckon they will be the top 1020 on handicap for R3
  13. What are the thoughts/options, does SSANZ want feedback/comments/ideas? Will competitors be surveyed? (in due course after current series is all finished up)
  14. Will the handicaps for the last race be published before we start?
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