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  1. TCat

    Lead Casting?

    My understanding is the price has increased quite significantly - there are health and safely issues working with lead so that may be part of it - as well as general supply and demand. The tauranga option was cheaper from memory but then you have to factor in transport.
  2. TCat

    Lead Casting?

    Mike is now at Skellerns engineering - ask for Arthur. They did my new one a couple of months back. I also found an option in Tauranga that looked very good - but being auckland based we used Skellerns. Let me know if you need the Tauranga company and i will look it up.
  3. Back to 149? Unless we are going single handed weve got two boats as entries in Div 1. All going well we will take the Toy.
  4. woah there - there are some challenges to overcome. Like a potty and other more important stuff!
  5. LH1 entries looking flash - is this the highest avg handicap fleet ever?
  6. So a new main and beautifully faired for the coastal then.... if we can encourage the Marshall out of pretend retirement then you will be ready to give them a good thrashing!
  7. PS if you are seriously looking at joining the circuit Oct 19/20th is the next regatta at Gulf Harbour and a charter boat may be able to be arranged.
  8. If you can provide some info around your user requirement then we can try and assist. In order from most expensive to least - There is brand new boats available (with a bit of build time wait) at various levels from hull and decks to an association organized ready to sail away package. There has been some talk about existing traveller series boat owners that might trade up to one of the new boats, so if you were interested at the second hand but competitive race boat level, then we can try and facilitate that. Aside from that there may be a couple of boats in the south island that haven't been
  9. The elliott 5.9 class have both - there is a Traveller Series champion which is the best score over 5 regattas over the season - typically in different venues each year. The National Champion is decided solely from the Nationals regatta which is not included in the Traveller series. Over the last 5 years it has been proven to be extremely difficult to win both - recent case in point we just got hammered at the Nationals yet had a traveller series of 2,2,1,1,1 - the year previous we won the nationals very comfortably and got beaten in the traveller series. The whole thing works well to also kee
  10. Marsden cove is at the entrance to Whangarei harbour - great location - if it snots we sail or is really light we sail in the harbour in flat water, a bit shifty and up to 4knts of tide, if it's good we sail out to bream bay, where you can get light sea breezes, big onshore with waves or down the shore with a bit of oscillation. best of all great cooked breakfast and coffee at the cafe at the launching ramp. Make contact with new owner of Blown Away now based at RAYC as he might be short a crew
  11. I rest my case! Hey a 5.9 at $9k is amazing cheap yachting and great racing - geez a new road trailer would be 5! Go to the bank and tell them to pony up!
  12. Not sure if anyone has ever done it, and would be pretty easy to do and also keep class legal config operating at the same time. Would be good fun but I'm not convinced that it would be any quicker on the windward leeward courses we use on the traveller series. Only one way to find out buy a boat and give it a try!
  13. Check out the class Facebook page for details - Blown Away has been bought to Auckland and is ready for purchase/charter for the 2012 traveller circuit. This is cheap yachting in a class that provides great racing and social scene. With growing numbers of boats in Opua, Whangarei and Auckland - get involved starting with the Sail Akarana regatta in Feb then the Nationals in Marsden Cove in March.
  14. There one here http://www.apolloduck.co.nz/display.phtml?aid=217638
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