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Central Triangle - fully crewed and two handed back in 2022

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Missed out on an entry spot in the Northern Triangle? Don’t despair as there's another exciting event you could enter.
Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club and SSANZ are pleased to announce the return of the Central Triangle race in 2022 starting Friday March 4 (a few weeks after the Northern Triangle.) First run as a two handed event in 2013, then as a fully crewed event in 2015, the 2022 event will be a combined fully crewed and two handed inclusive event. For the two handed entrants it’s an ideal qualifier race for RNI 2023 especially for boats south of the Bombays.
The approximately 730nm race starts from Wellington and boats head south on the 190nm leg to Akaroa. After a short stopover, experiencing the fabulous local hospitality, boats head north on the longest leg (350nm) to Napier. With an opportunity to visit the local wineries, complete some repairs or rest up, the boats then complete the triangle with the return 200nm leg to Wellington.
Email centraltriangle@gmail.com for more information and to be kept up to date with announcements, including when entries will open.
This event is bought to you by RPNYC in conjunction with SSANZ, and with support from Napier Sailing Club and Akaroa Yacht Club.


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1 hour ago, B00B00 said:

Fantastic, we had such a fun race back in 2015 on Crusader. Might have to come down again. 

Maybe we should look at a special prize for sailors that complete both the Northern and Central triangles???? They're only a few weeks apart. 

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Well with plenty of contingency planning - what if's and then what's , Plans Bs through to Ps we're now less than 2 weeks away from the start and have 8 boats that will be on the start line Friday March 4. Big ups to Wasabi for coming down to sail with us south of the Bombay's and they'll be joined by Satellite Spy from Waikawa racing fully crewed. Then we have 6 two-handed boats - 5 of which did the 2020 RNI and are coming back to race a bit closer to home. 

Check out the RPNYC Facebook page and event website  for updates, tracking and live stream of the starts. 

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Wasabi has a nice lead with Satellite Spy chasing hard, theses are the two fully crewed boats

The Guarantee is currently leading the two handed fleet with High Voltage making big gains overnight 

‘Race tracking is on YB

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