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Fiddly Repair

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I'd like some wise words on how best to fix this.

Its the slot the washboards drop into.

Inevitably the washboard goes in less than square and puts pressure on this very thin section, causing the crack as shown.






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Another idea. I don't think the slides of the top hatch slides back that far. So you could squeeze some glue into the cracks and fix that part, then screw a small piece of SST in the track behind the cracked area to stop it being broken out again. You will need some SST thick enough(say 3mm) to tap a thread into and then use two countersunk machine screws fitted all the way through from the front and into the SST plate. Both screws will have to be to the side of the slot of course. The plate could have a L shape bent into one end to encapsulate the slot around its front edge to protect it all around.

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Thanks for all the replies.

Nearly went with the cut it off idea, but decided end the end to add more meat to it. 

Small peice of timber bead epoxyed in place and covered in filler. 

Hopefully should now have the strength it needs.




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