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Fixing a spinnaker rope clutch to the mast

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On 14/08/2021 at 3:20 PM, harrytom said:

This is a spinnaker hoist?? fixing to mast.Hmm run rope through a pulley back to a clucth near cabin top/cockpit.Easier to release in a hurry. 

I have a cam cleat on the mast that the spinnaker halyard goes in on the hoist and then when you pull through the clutch in the cockpit it pops it out of the cam cleat. 

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On 15/08/2021 at 12:07 AM, Dtwo said:

So you can deal with the halyard while you are on the foredeck?  How else are you going to hoist and retrieve without running backwards and forwards?

I'm a do-it-all-from-the-cockpit guy, turtle bag in the main hatch, leeward hoist, windward drop whenever possible.

To be fair, my kites are pretty small. Extremely small if we're talking presently. But have used the same procedures on 25-30ft keelboats.

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I woudn't rush adding the jammer on the mast with the exit at that height. Better to work through your ergonomics first. Think about where you can best stand and heave the halyard. You might be ok if you can stand on the side deck rather than cabin top.

The short boom on a Spencer and general small size of the boat mean I wouldn't normally letterbox. Just run square and feed straight into the hatch. Less issues with the set up and then the brace getting caught too. If it is breezy / you are cruising leave the jib furled That also reduce the power, and means you can see everything easy

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