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  1. inside of 12nm you would need a consent from Regional Council, outside of that is the Environmental Protection Agency. Any intentionally sunk vessel needs to be cleaned to a high standard. If the boat could fit on a travel lift to get lifted out of the water, in my opinion, it should be disposed of ashore.
  2. If you want more information on swing moorings look at http://www.gw.govt.nz/Swing-moorings/ They are cheaper (sort of ) and that's about all that's good about them, need a dinghy, hassle to get to, maintenance and risk etc. but if it gets you sailing.... There is a Van der stat going quite cheap in Seaview marina at present. Previous owner kept it in goon condition and this one seems to have looked after it
  3. seems to have got a bit lumpy at Gt Barrier https://www.geonet.org.nz/tsunami
  4. for land based have a look at the rutland furlmatic. Have used them on lighthouses in wellington and aren't too bad. from trying various units I tend to favorr mechanical speed control rather than electronic. We cooked a few electronic controlled windmills over the years. Biggest issue seems to be what happens on a windy day when the batteries are full.... no work today and some models appear to cook themselves at that point. The furlmatics give up and feather themselves when it gets too breezy. superwind are the others ones i'l look at if we weren't using the rutlands, from what i under
  5. This came with my boat, I can't see any likelihood of using it so am making more space. I was told it was serviced and checked for an offshore trip on another boat that didn't go ahead. If you are interested please get in touch, looking for offers. Message me or 0274516155 thanks
  6. and if you need parts you can email Allen sales@huttonwinches.com . He's usually prompt to reply and has been helpful
  7. grant

    Wgtn's Sealion

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/122413627/wellingtons-sealion-now-ground-zero-to-set-sail-once-again https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/motorboats/listing/2768091124?bof=pXolVxcc
  8. NZ will also accept time at sea as part of quarantine, have looked closely enough if there is a difference between shipping and recreational boats but I believe 28 days is the required time for stepping off without quarantine
  9. grant

    Boat Dilemma

    If you like the Davidson you could always move up the range, 31 or the 35...
  10. we had it on to warm up on the sunday morning this year, it was rather nice I might be on a different boat next year....
  11. yes, sounds exactly like what he got. at that stage the thru hull exhaust was an imported part as they were still setting up manufacturing of their own.
  12. I know someone that has installed on of those. He is a marine engineer and a bit fussy, he is very happy with the unit.
  13. I have a cracked alternator bracket, its cast and has been welded already. Its been suggested that further welding isn't likely to be that great. Tired the Engine Room but they have a different bracket and don't have any suggestions on this one. Thought I would try here before getting something made...
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