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  1. From MNZ: Good afternoon, We are writing to let you know that changes to the administrative arrangements for assessing the adequacy of recreational craft departing for overseas will be coming into effect soon. Effective 1 July 2024, Maritime NZ will assume the administration and delivery of section 21 requirements following Yachting New Zealand's decision, after careful consideration, to return the delegation to Maritime NZ. Maritime NZ is committed to continuing the effective delivery of this work. Background As you will be aware, Section 21 of the Maritime Trans
  2. that's an option in Wellington
  3. actually that's not a bad idea, but not "to rule them" just to sell them. Basically set up an online Govt "supermarket", a shop front to allow purchase payment for whatever you need from Govt. The individual items/license or whatever would be administered under whatever part of govt they come from but then it only need one on line site that does payments, security etc. rather than each department having to set that up.
  4. these things have been "sailing" in and out of Wellington a few times over the last year, https://www.saildrone.com/ apparently cruising all of the globe looking at stuff..... should point out they get towed in and out of the port and then go off on theor own.
  5. grant


    if that's all that was left after demoing a broken boat of that size I would call that a pretty good result.....
  6. try these guys https://www.sailexchange.com.au/ you might get something better than you have and cheaper than new
  7. it was written in an age when the rule was read with understanding about what it was to achieve, not the current trend of looking at a rule and immediately trying to find a way around it. Simple is seldom easy to write.
  8. and isn't the point of an anchor watch to see if you are stable at anchor or underway? worth keeping in mind these rules apply to whole range of vessel, not just recreational boats tucked up in a sheltered anchorage.
  9. This isn't new and has been pointed out not even specific to NZ. When I was at maritime school and doing various other courses, it was drummed in that keeping a lookout was a basic requirement (as has been pointed out above) and also pointed out if two vessel collide both are at fault, the COLREG's then help work out who was more/less at fault. I believe this is primarily aimed at commercial vessels (yes I know it says recreational but that's not where the focus is). I think the push behind this are the small commercial fishing vessels where fatigue, often caused by undermanning, lead to coll
  10. if memory serves correctly day shapes are only required to be carried on vessels over 12m in length
  11. MNZ have prosecuted recreational craft under this before.
  12. Section 65 of the Maritime Transport Act https://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1994/0104/latest/DLM335758.html casuing unnecessary danger or risk to any other person. It is the section of the Act that is used in relation to recreational craft, and, although not often, it does get used .
  13. Allegresse is looking to be in a good spot now, might get crowded getting to the finish line
  14. Last race Malcom Dickson racing his son, this time taking on his brother, they sure like this race
  15. I've used something similar in a big dinghy, worked well but I needed a longer hose to actually get the water out of the boat,
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