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  1. I've used something similar in a big dinghy, worked well but I needed a longer hose to actually get the water out of the boat,
  2. given the conditions their effectiveness would be unknown and untested, very thankful they weren't tested
  3. thanks for that and the links, one question, why do you have the Jabsco and the 0.5 micron filter? From what I can see it looks like they both do much the same thing?
  4. for those with filters, do you filter the water going into the tanks or when it comes out? and what filters do you use? thanks
  5. FB group has a D35 in the bay of islands for $30k https://www.facebook.com/groups/nzsailinggearbuysellswap/permalink/2063606507183804/?sale_post_id=2063606507183804
  6. I had a friend with one, did a few miles on it around Wellington and Cook Strait, comfortable boat and got along nicely. I would think quite a bit more room than the Tracker. My mate went from a Nova to the D31 and we thought the space difference was awesome. I think there were a couple of different layouts.
  7. Well known and respected designer (among other things) Bruce Askew passed away this week. A nice write up from RPNYC newsletter here Bruce Askew (rpnyc.org.nz)
  8. I believe there may be bulk carriers from the east coast of Australia that go to South America, but don't know much more than that
  9. hi, I have a friend who would like to build a model of an Athol Burns boat (not actually sure which one....) but is having trouble locating any plans. Anyone able to help? thanks
  10. Well done and welcome!
  11. if you want them in series it would be better to have matching panels so would suggest you parallel them
  12. you're coming to Wellington, only need to practice putting reefs in
  13. its better than trying to get to Wellington...It a greater distance however should be an easier course. the wind shoots out of Palliser Bay, it has been find stronger close to shore than further out (counter intuitive), further offshore the hills are less of an influence. I have seen the Police carry out several rescues of boats that have done the same trip and been hammered getting upwind to Wellington, they boats were often ok but they just beaten back by the weather. Saying that, this is a view based on watching what has happened to others and observed conditions, I personally
  14. avoid southerlies down the Wairarapa coast and strong NW once around Cape Palliser. If its strong NW when you get to Palliser consider if you need to get to Wellington or you could have a night (or two) in Port Underwood waiting for better conditions. A strong NW will give you a hiding trying to get to Wellington. Underwood is a close reach across the Strait.
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