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Fridge Compressor issue

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been using my daily exercise time to vist the boat during lockdown, running the motor occasionally,  today when i did it and flick on the freezer to give the gase a cycle through i noticed the motor labour more than normal,  then noticed that the amp meter go off the chart,  turn the freezer switch returned it to normal,  checked all wiring/earth etc,  ran it again and same result. No blown fuses, wires are cold, compressor seems to be running fine and pipes were getting cold so seems to be operating normally,  What else could cause a spike in amps used?  Googling offers up mechanical options but there are no abnormal noises.

Go me stumped at the moment so any suggestions can be tried

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Yep Booboo is onto it. The Compressor does not use amps, except for the clutch engagement. So the clutch normally draws a few amps, but the solenoid for it should be fused.

If it is drawing excessive amperage, measure the draw when engaged (motor does not need to be on) typically 3-4amps, but check the manual for the specific compressor to be certain. Overcurrent means a short circuit within the field coil, or in the compressor circuit.


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