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Disassemble Maxwell Anchor Winch Motor

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Anyone know how to disassemble a Maxwell RC winch motor?

Mine has a small amount of rust around the brush end and I would like to clean it up and paint it.

Cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to come apart 😕


Maxwell Windlass Motor Replacements w/ Mounting Flange | Fisheries Supply

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Take the 3 screws out of the end cap and pull the cap off. Then take the 2 long machine screws out - they go right through. That will allow the end caps to come off. You should be away then. I’d not take the pole shoes out (the bolts around the sides), just mask off the ends well enough to survive sandblasting the rust off. 

Make sure you back up the bottom nut when tightening or loosening the cable lug nuts. 

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So should the drive shaft end pull out, leaving behind the brushes and the body?

I am thinking I will unscrew the long screws 1/2 to 2/3rds and gently tap them to push the drive shaft end out of the case?

I have retracted the brushes.  The end of the rotor appears to be pushed into the bearing in the brush, wondering if I need to put a puller on that...

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