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Sealing/wedging mast collar? Farr1020

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Now the wobbly bit is back in the hole I guess I'd better seal/chock it.

What's your preferred method/product?


Silicone and wedges? 

Some other wonder product?

Should I do it before or after tensioning/bending the rig?

While I'm at it, what's the best stuff to use to seal on top of the mast dam?



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I like Spartite. Used that when I put the rig back in IT, and have used on some customer's boats as well. If you wax the collar, then the rig can be removed and replaced without removing the spartite. Or it can be cut. But it gives good support for the rig over a wide area, and does not move or leak.

I have a spare can, enough for your boat if you wish. Make an offer, I bought too much! 

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Yeah, I would, then the spartite comes out with the rig - UNLESS then collar is not smooth, or is stepped at all. If that's the case, then don't use wax, and just cut it off if you need to remove the rig again. 

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Have a chat to Steve Ashley http://www.riggingshop.co.nz/ After he sealed the mast collar it's the most water tight it's ever been. He didn't seem to be a big fan of Spartite. 

For inside the mast... A block of foam cut tight to fit then rammed up the mast to just below the lowest exit point. Then pourable silicon over the top until flush. It's good if you can heel the boat toward the side opposite the exit hole so the silicon sets on an angle and the lowest point is at the exit.

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