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live power supply to a TP32 tiller pilot - use a relay?

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I want to have an isolator switch on the main switchboard in the cabin.  The switch gear is 15A rated, but there is a LOT being powered from the live feed to the switchboard. 

The old auto-sparkie in me says use a relay, but is it necessary or am I over-complicating?

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Agree with MCP - but for clarification the supply lead to the switchboard should be a decent battery cable size - and be fused at the battery. If it is, no issue, and not really related to the AP switch, provided that cable has the capacity to carry the extra load. The load of a TP32 is not huge, average about 0.5a, max about 7a...no issues for the 15a switch/breaker.

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TP32 supposed have its own 10A fuse to limit current in stalled motor situ.

ie hit stops, bad trim.

My type 1 linear drive has never logged more than 5A , then it has calibration for not hitting stops.

dunno on TP.

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