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  1. Z158 from ryco. That engine is a Perkins 103-10, Perkins m30, Shibaura 753, ford 1220 tractor, new holland 1440 tractor, caterpillar 3001, it's found in hustler lawn mowers, bobcats, northern lights generators, refrigerated shipping containers. Very very common engine.
  2. mcp

    Best AGM battery

    What type of boat are you building? Money no object, no question, Lithium titanate for any purpose. Otherwise for a cruiser/liveaboard Lithium Iron Phosphate or Lead carbon from a reputable manufacturer, and why I don't say one or the other, is because it depends on how you will use it. If you cruise only 3 - 4 weeks a year I would say a quality AGM, as it will take you a bloody long time to use 400-500 cycles if you system is set up correctly. If you are a racer and want super light, your boat can be setup as light as your chequebook wants it to be.
  3. Nice timing sneaking into Milford Sound before the weather peaked!
  4. mcp

    Best AGM battery

    Thats not totally correct. The first battery in your links above, the Narada has a cycle voltage of 13.8v and float of 13.5v @25 degress C on the spec sheet in the image, That will require a charge controler that is set up with custom charge profile, by someone that knows what they are doing. I would highly recommend a temp sensor if you went down this path. If you just want a good AGM then you are looking for a AGM deep cycle battery that weights a lot for its capacity. It's hard to get away from the physics with lead acid chemistry, this is a area where there are no free lunche
  5. mcp

    Lithium v AGM

    I agree its a brilliant technology and perfect in a lot of cases Lead carbon is very hard to go past and I was on the fence with my battery purchase between those and LiFePo4. The biggest issue with Lead Carbon is the charge requirements of the technology are less forgiving than LiFePo4, but also they quite specialized....no issue if you have a infinitly variable controller like a Victron smartsolar for example. However, the voltage drop when loaded with medium to high loads in 'MY' case was not going to be acceptable. If you are not going to run big inverters or winches or other high
  6. mcp

    Lithium v AGM

    LiFePo4 doesn't need temp sensors per cell. Below 0 degree Celsius you generally should not charge them or you will risk the formation on dendrites. You might have confussed that with AGM and other lead acid variants that should have temp compensation built in to their charging algorithms. Your other points are not well founded either to be honest...As there are huge charge efficiency advantages with this chemistry, it is vastly safer that flooded lead acid, Much higher discharge rates of efficiency and ability. There are many boats now running electric galleys using these batteries
  7. I second this recommendation and you will find this in the cheapest of Pak'n'Save disinfectants as the active ingredient. I spray my boat, path, deck, roof, etc with it and it works perfectly from a pressure spray mixed 50/50. Takes a week or so to work.....much longer in summer. https://www.paknsaveonline.co.nz/product/5231715_ea_000pns?name=lavender-disinfectant
  8. I don't have one, but these would be seatalk or Nmea compatable...there are many displays that would also work or is there a specific reason why you want these ones?
  9. mcp

    Lithium v AGM

    Hmmm, I suspect someone didn't fuse their wiring or some other act of stupidity near something combustible....or they actually had a cobalt/manganese variety of Lithium Ion, which has a electrolyte that is a hydrocarbon. The reason why companies like Tesla are moving to LiFePo4 are because they don't got into thermal run away and almost impossible to catch on fire. Yes I can measure this? Is this what you are asking? You are being rather vague in my interpretation of your post sorry?
  10. mcp

    Lithium v AGM

    Anyone that has charges this type of chemistry through a shunt with a coulomb counter can verify these are about 99% or more efficient. This post was not intended to be a tutorial or a how to in any way. While these batteries are far far more forgiving than most people say, these are not drop in replacements and require a certain level of knowledge to set up and manage. These are not set and forget and certainly not she'll be right, I know what im doing setup. I saying all that, I'm not sure how you would loose your boat if these failed, you would certainly loose yo
  11. mcp

    Lithium v AGM

    These are CATL cells, ex china. I will be using Victron MPPT chargers, Mastervolt smart reg.
  12. mcp

    Lithium v AGM

    I have a BMS that was less about $90 usd and the chargers I am using have a relay control.
  13. mcp

    Lithium v AGM

    If you are interested in the size differences and electrical differences of lithium Iron Phosphate and Lead Acid AGM batteries, I have started to put my battery compartment together this weekend. On the left is a Vision FM100 AGM battery, 100ah @ 12v nominal, which is my start battery [currently running the fridge and lights] and on the right are 12 x 150ah LiFePo4 cells, 450ah @ 12v nominal. On the left the AGM weight is 32kgs and on the right the LiFePo4 pack weights all up 34kgs. On the left we have 30ah usable @ the recommended 30% depth of discharge and on the right w
  14. mcp

    load resistors

    A three pin flasher is + and output + and also - . if you chassis ground with - & connect to - pin on flasher unit, then + on flasher unit with output + going to light fitting you can test without motor going. Make sure the bike ignition is turned on.
  15. mcp

    load resistors

    Ahh...its for a flasher unit, I would just swap out the flasher unit like IT mentioned above, otherwise go back to incandescent lights...You are not lowering the load by adding the load resistors. Unless the goal is a different look or something?
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