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  1. https://parts4engines.com/collections/yanmar-2ym15-parts
  2. I am looking for a cheap depth setup, Transducer & Display, also a mast top windex. Has anyone got anything laying around in the back of the garage they want to offload?
  3. mcp

    Orca Core 2

    Some friends have the Orca core and they really rate it and from what I've seen it's really intuitive and has a nice look. I'm not sure about your use case for it,
  4. Does the balmar voltage sense run on a separate wire all the way to the battery. If not run one. Then custom set your absorption voltage to 13.9v, float 13.35v. Your alternator needs to have a temperature sensor attached to the alternator.You won't over charge with this profile and you will get 99% charged. You don't need a current sensor to fully charge a battery on a alternator as the field current is reduced as the alternator finds it easier hold target voltage. This is called charge acceptance. If your battery monitor is a victon, I would use the inbuilt relay to turn the alternator
  5. mcp

    Yanmar waterpump.

    Have a look on parts4engines.com whole new raw water pumps are very very reasonable from them.
  6. It's not that difficult or vastly expensive to spec an engine with big alternators. The picture below is of a recent install of mine with a lithium bank being happily and safety charged at 5.8kw off a 110hp engine with 2x large frame alternators. The Alternator setup including electronics and my time was just over $1 a watt. This was excluding a mount bracket that needed to be made. Totally agree with Islandtime about the comparison with lead carbon, and ill add that lead carbon have pretty bad voltage sag under high load draw in my experience.
  7. It might be helpful to let us know where the boat is?
  8. Active ingredient in wet and forget is benzalkonium chloride, also found in the cheapest disinfectant in pak n save at a similar concentration minus the surfactants.
  9. They rented a small flat in whangarei for a while, and believe they were fixing the boat. But I'm not sure what happened in the end.
  10. This website is pretty sharp for pricing. https://www.parts4engines.com/volvo-penta-d2-40-stainless-steel-exhaust-outlet-kit/
  11. A wool bale needle might be a perfect size for what you are wanting.
  12. I think they use heat set glues for TPU. I would ask Seafarer Inflatables if you can do this, they make TPU inflatables and Auckland based.
  13. Looks really good. What rollers did you use?
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