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  1. Farrell bearings in Hamilton are pretty on to it crowd.
  2. I have a Samsung active tab 3 and it's GPS works perfectly fine without a connection to the internet.
  3. You can put water in ethanol based petrol, and then water and alcohol will then separate from the petrol base and settle. Then all you have to do it drain it away and you have pure petrol.
  4. mcp

    Drop In Lithiums

    I would be very surprised if your existing gear can be programmed to suit carbon foam batteries, and then not be programed or made to work with lithium. Carbon Foam batteries do not share the same bulk, absorption, float voltages with any of the other LA batts. What brand Carbon Foam are you looking at?
  5. You could make a signal sensing relay? But I would be inclined to leave them as separate systems and add speakers.
  6. mcp

    Drop In Lithiums

    Just a couple of points, without picking at your post. Low balance current on BMS's in the 10 - 40ma range is perfectly sufficient for balancing small to medium lithium batteries. It's just not working how most people assume, as the majority of people are assuming you are removing current from each cell, while the other cells are receiving charge current. In fact what is happening, it the balancing is resistive [yes you do get a current measurement] and works from a voltage drop standpoint. The cells being balanced have a slightly lower voltage, therefore less charge acceptance, with th
  7. Unload...should have read...A load. Autocorret moment.
  8. You are not switching unload, so it will be fine.
  9. https://4dsystems.com.au/products/4d-intelligent-hmi-display-modules/raspberry-pi-compatible-kits?p=2&product_list_limit=42
  10. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active running OpenCPN. Its waterproof, can be charged when wet, as it has Pogo pins on the side (docks are avalible), screen isn't the best in direct sunlight...But I just move it, DIMs down fine at night, Its tested to MIL-STD 810G US military standard for ruggedness, I use signal K sever [can run on almost any device]for AIS Sonar Data and can run radar this way, Has a S Pen that works when device is wet....but to be fair it works pretty well when wet with your finger anyway. Comes in a 8inch [i have this one] and 10inch sizes. https://www.samsung.com
  11. Once offshore you can register your boat back to New Zealand?
  12. A diaphram bilge/shower pump wouldn't be bothered by even the most industious of curls. Could be worth a look for next time.
  13. mcp

    Solar contactor

    If you are using a Victron Smart Solar MTTP, you do not need a relay or a switch for a BMS. You just need someone to program the Victron properly for you. PM me if you need help. Also what BMS are you using? Most are overly complicated for little reason. @Island Time Solid state relays generate heat when closed as well, because of high internal resistance. A mechanical latching relay would be the most idea relay for this instance, if it can be controlled from the devices.
  14. Very nice, there are some cold stoney beaches in my future as well I hope. What sort of Dingy is that and what have you used for fendering off the mothership?
  15. It will be my car once the sebatical from land starts, so all of the above except not a lot of marina. I also want to spend time in higher latitudes and more remote areas, so it must be robust. Sharp objects was a big factor in why I started looking at a hard aluminuim dinghy, coral, oysters, rocks, seals, old wharfs, if I go to australia....things with teeth. I don't think I have made my mind up completely, but I am still weighing heavily on the Ally Dink idea. Stability is the biggest con I think I have with this type of dinghy, as getting in and out does
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