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  1. A diaphram bilge/shower pump wouldn't be bothered by even the most industious of curls. Could be worth a look for next time.
  2. mcp

    Solar contactor

    If you are using a Victron Smart Solar MTTP, you do not need a relay or a switch for a BMS. You just need someone to program the Victron properly for you. PM me if you need help. Also what BMS are you using? Most are overly complicated for little reason. @Island Time Solid state relays generate heat when closed as well, because of high internal resistance. A mechanical latching relay would be the most idea relay for this instance, if it can be controlled from the devices.
  3. Very nice, there are some cold stoney beaches in my future as well I hope. What sort of Dingy is that and what have you used for fendering off the mothership?
  4. It will be my car once the sebatical from land starts, so all of the above except not a lot of marina. I also want to spend time in higher latitudes and more remote areas, so it must be robust. Sharp objects was a big factor in why I started looking at a hard aluminuim dinghy, coral, oysters, rocks, seals, old wharfs, if I go to australia....things with teeth. I don't think I have made my mind up completely, but I am still weighing heavily on the Ally Dink idea. Stability is the biggest con I think I have with this type of dinghy, as getting in and out does
  5. I will be getting a new dinghy set up in the near future, and I am currently thinking of a 3 metre-ish hard alloy dinghy with a 10hp motor, a foam collar to stop it from damaging the mothership when it hits it a hundred times or more per day, but no one seems to have this type of dinghy? I like the idea of no tubes to puncture, likely to be quite fast with a small motor (?), easy to row, lightweight. I'm not 100% sold on this setup yet... What are the pros and cons of the different dinghy types you have owned? Also, how often in practice have the Pros and the Cons been of use
  6. Parts aren't to bad to get hold of ex Europe, and fairly priced. Don't buy from local Volvo dealers as the just seem to be taking the piss pricing wise. https://www.parts4engines.com/volvo-penta-2001-2002-2003-2003t/
  7. Have you tensioned the stuffing box a little? Do you have pictures of your one?
  8. Those are pretty standard looking 12v 20ah motorcycle batteries. They will be about 180mm-ish long x 75mm ish wide x 160-170mm height and around 6kgs. Any batteries you will find online with those approx specs should work fine with the terminals being on the correct side, and as it has already been eluded to get a AGM over GEL because of the charger, and if possible and make sure they get full charged as often as possible for longivity.
  9. mcp

    Farr 1220 toe rail

  10. No question, use Butyl tape and counter sink the holes a little and wrap a small amount around the top end of the threads before insertion. Tighten 90% and re-tighten/torque a week later. I have never had a leak with butyl tape. https://www.premiertapes.co.nz/butyl-tape-gp/
  11. Nope, the MD2030 [like all the MD engines] is a perkins marine conversion based on a Shibaura engine. The 753 block first appeared in the 80's.
  12. Why not 2 x large 12v AGMs? Much less hassle than flooded. Or even Lead Carbon?
  13. Let me know if you need other parts as I have a list of a ton of interchangeable parts between all the manufacturers I mentioned above.
  14. You can still use this in a LiFePo4 system to charge the start battery in a lot of circumstances. What matters is that they share the same end voltage and use a isolator.
  15. mcp

    Lithium v AGM

    There are many many different types of lithium batteries available, just stating that they are all bad in a sweeping statement doesn't make much sense. The battery types they are quoting are lithium polymer batteries, these have massive current draw capacity...I have seen Lithium polymer capable of a 100c discharge and have some of the highest energy v weight densities avalible...which is why they are in aircraft...But this amazing performance comes at a cost of them being extremely volatile and cell balance needs to be perfect. But they won't just catch on fire, something in the system n
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