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Weather window houhora to boi

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Morning CREW and happy new year.

I am after some advice from someone that knows the area.

I am just getting into houhora as we speak and i have to be in the boi on the 5th. I d be stopping in whangaroa.

Question is what is the best weather option in terms of wind and swell for ither monday or tuesday. Monday looks like winds are straight up the nose but, tuesday the swell is rising more and i am not sure about getting out of houhora...

Last option would be to do it all in one go on the 5th. But, i may run out of wind...


Hey, thank you and enjoy the new year!



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Monday looks like a day to enjoy Houhora. I'd wait until Tuesday, you should be able to make good progress that day. Wednesday looks good too though it's a bit far out to say for sure. windy.com gives great visualisations of what's happening and you can hop between all the different forecast models to see if they agree.

The forecast is the big picture and doesn't do a good job of predicting sea breezes. Should be plenty of those with the sunshine forecast. You'll find the wind is different if you hug the coast, sea breezes will take over there if the prevailing wind dies, either replacing the prevailing wind, cancelling it or reinforcing it, or changing the direction. Although the forecast shows no wind some of the time, actually if you stay the right distance off the coast you might get a decent beam reach for at least some of the time with perhaps some spells of motoring.

If you don't like the wind you're getting, try moving either nearer or further from the coast.

I don't know anything about getting out of Houhora, you'd be best to ask a local about crossing the bar there as the sand on a bar can move around even from month to month, charts might not be accurate.


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... looking at the swell direction, the karikari peninsula should actually shield Houhora from most of it, only looks like 1m swell at most in the bay there. Still, check with a local, I've never been there...

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One more thought - if you can't find a local, call Far North Radio on channel 60, they will know and probably be happy to give up to date info on the bar, or they will know who to ask.

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