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Panmure 2 Handed # Legged Race

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The Panmure 2 Handed 3 Legged race is on again this year.

Saturday night will be at the KBC.

We have booked the back bar for this race.


Looking at doing an Adult and Under 18 division. Great for a parent and under 18 year old son or daughter to do this race.

Let me know if there is any interest in this idea.


More details to come next week.

Front Page.JPG

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Have done this race several times and always an awesome weekend. Sunday morning return race can be a bit tough sometimes. Going back a few years all boats were given a bottle of rum and a bottle of Coke, both with no tops on at the Saturday night results party.

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40 minutes ago, B00B00 said:

I love this new division aimed at parents wanting to do it with their kids.  I plan on entering with my 11 gear old son as crew. Anyone else up for it? 

I will be doing this with my 15 year old daughter Grace

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3 hours ago, backchat said:

Great idea.

Entry coming up.  Both my girls (15 and 13) seem keen, so deciding who gets to come looks like the hardest part

My 15 year old daughter votes you take the 15 year old

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