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Wanting to make a bowsprit for an older Ross 35

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I have a Ross 35 - The older racer cruiser and want to build something where i can leave the anchor securely out on the bow for harbour cruising as well as having the ability to fly a gennaker.

Has anyone had any experience with making a bowsprit like this? 


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10.50 + 1.45 = 11.95... 12 metre berth, all good. Outstanding performance with the FR0 and Gennakers... twin tack-lines... Designer - Richard Sands. Control lines - John B and Rob C. The anchor roller is integrated into the design and offset to starboard to cater for the lead of the windlass. Super slick for keeping the anchor away from the plumb bow...


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We added this setup to Provincial Cowboy and opened the front of the pulpit at the same time.  Quite light and very functional.  We fly anything up to a MH Code Zero on a furler off the end and the kids use it as a diving platform.   Once we added an anchor straightener to the Manson, it was perfect.  The inner bobstay is a solid strut to take compression from the anchor loads, and also any halyard loads.  I am not sure it's really needed for anchoring but it means we don't need to add the outer bobstay unless racing.

Built by Chris Smith (Boatsmith) - he has done a few like this including E1050.




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