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  1. some hulls were corematt, some were 12mm klegecell foam core. the decks were klegecell or divinecell foam core with kahikatea timber edging and inserts. if you have a boating nz mag, look up rob nearly in the back. he was at lidgards not too long after me, and is a good surveyor
  2. The later, and a lot of home finished Lidgard 29's had the topsides raised by adding a timber extension to the hull. Something like the picture attached. I would definitely recommend that you get a boatbuilder, or survey done to check it out. I did a lot of sea miles in all sorts of conditions many years ago on Lapse of Reason. Good little boats.
  3. It's not about replacing them, its about getting it off and them out them out first Which SR ? Markone ? we've got two mk2 keels here if you wanted to have a look
  4. We have done it many times using the seat cushion foam ( Blue or Grey ) its flexible enough to take any movement and as bad kitty put it streamlining.
  5. If your cutting a side skin off it why don't you fit proper 80kg/m foam
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