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  1. buy a blow up island for the sunbather
  2. yup neilm same test artical zero's around 30 squares
  3. Gary Lambert says he designed them in 1982, and started building the first one ( now Rocky ). the hull moulds were taken off this first hull befre it was turned over I have a copy of the original boat test which was october 1983. original specs 7.9 loa 2.87 boa 1180 displ. Note production boats are 7.915 and hull beam without gunnal flange is 2.765. Average dry weight is 1400kg without crew. original keel was like a young 88 or j24. Mk2 keel was a parallel fin steel fin with fairings and "L" bulb between 380 and 310kg draft drawn for that was 1.85 but most went close to 2.2. We have a n
  4. see pic, instructions pretty generic
  5. see where circles are to get the jist of where im questioning
  6. so what we can see in your photo was just floor lands ?
  7. Wasn't much holding them in. Whats your intentions with the yacht? eg coastal or offshore What were the original floors made from ? hard to tell scale but looked about 40mm thick
  8. Our 3 go to's are okoume, yellow cedar, and iroko. When you say structural floors can you give and example, not a place for ply in my mind.
  9. Our last custom one off
  10. The very beginings of the last one we did, well if we could upload the pics
  11. paint just polished, keel, new internals/strurcture main bulkhead to companionway, rig reconfiguration - spreader angles, bottom panel strenghtened and chicken stays dropped, chainplates moved outboard
  12. You should be able use the existing backing unit, of the original throttle unit was a single lever. I'm yet to see an issue with the backing units. Delt with plenty in the external throttle bodies
  13. we have done many diffrent set ups over the years, this is our lastest mould
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