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Fast racer cruiser wanted

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Hi there

I’m seeking a boat we can race the winter series in with the boys around the buoys and also head out for a coastal cruise in the summer.

Young 88, young 8.4? Carpenter 29?

Max budget 35k could possibly stretch to 40k


thanks in advance 


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Just turning some rocks to see if I can find any boats that are not on trade me. 
Something to race with the boys around the buoys and also that would handle a bit of coastal cruising in the summer. 

have obviously been looking at y88s and wondering about a y8.4. possibly a ross 9.3, And Open to suggestions 

Thanks in advance 



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Where are you parking it, 10m vs 12m is a jump. For your money a good 930 might be the way to go Scarlett Fever sold for 20 something and it was a good boat.

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Yeah don’t mind the open trannys on the carpenter. Wouldnt mind it being in the middle ground, Comfort is always nice. 

It will be parked in pilot bay ( Mount Maunganui) for a bit, We race against a 930 and not as fat as I would like but nice boats. 

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Only boat I can think of that would be faster than an 88 or a 930 in that price range would be an SR26 or maybe an Elliott 770 .  And there’s also what’s news Y 8.4  which is a bit more than 40k but it’s early days and the market isn’t exactly going gang busters .


sorry did you mean the 930 is not as FAT as you would like ? Or as fast ? 

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1 hour ago, JIMMYVOS said:

I did see what’s news, how would that go for cruising.? 

correct a 930 not as beamy as I would like. 

Big interior volume and large cockpit but you would have to add cruising comforts I would imagine 

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