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marine life wood carvings

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G'day blokes and blokettes, This is a thinly veiled advertisement (And one that I am happy to pay for should there be any interest from this post) I hope the admins can find it in their hearts to leave it be ❤️

To cut a long and sad story short, I've recently had to stop boatbuilding (not by choice, epoxy sensitivity chose for me) so have been doing a bit of wood carving to busy myself. These are all hand made from either recycled Kauri or Macrocarpa from the local mill.

If anyone Is looking for an awesome one of a kind chrissy pressy, Or you'd just like to have an Orca in the study without the logistics and legal inquiries from DOC, Give me a bell! 

If you'd like to see more, I have just started a page on Instagram and Facebook- Oceanwood NZ 

Jordan, aka Suspect Device, aka aka That bloody pink piedy

Note- none of these are for sale, All carvings are made to order. Prices are subjective, but factor in a week or two's wages :) 310563836_630420835442838_7898277490372877715_n.thumb.jpg.086b9bac624600a2ff60b059ac777717.jpg











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