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Diesel proof sealant

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Seeking answers from the brains trust here ! does anyone know of a sealant that is resistant to diesel ?

Burnsco checked with Sikaflex and they advised that none of their products were suitable. I think some Silicone based products may be OK but I would like something with more adhesion, typically a moisture curing polyethylene type product , I will check with Bostik as well.


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Thanks, and I get the impression the Silicone sealants are inherently resistant to hydrocarbons but for sure its not the case with polyurethanes (but maybe some will be) 

I happen to have some dowsill 795 structural glazing adhesive which is used to glue panes of glass to skyscrapers, on that basis I am sure it has high adhesive strength.  so I might look into that as an option. According to mr Google  It seems diesel is quite a complex brew of chemicalsDiesel fuels are complex mixtures of alkanes, cycloalkanes and aromatic hydrocarbons with carbon numbers in the range of C9–C28 and with a boiling-range of 150–390°C. Kerosene-type diesel fuel (diesel fuel No. 1) is manufactured from straight-run petroleum distillates [5]."


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Loctite 515....(Gasket eliminator) for flanges with uneven gaps up to 0.25mm

But If the flange faces are very un-even and you may have gaps larger than 0.25mm, then you may need to use a thin cork gasket.

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