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  1. LBD

    Female winch socket

    Makita wot... and what for?.... ie how much load will you put on it and what is the consequences if it slips?
  2. LBD

    Female winch socket

    You would be better of clamping on the large diameter of the coupling than the small diameter of the shaft if you can.
  3. LBD

    Female winch socket

    Actually... I have been giving this matter a bit of thought recently ahead of a possible repower next year... where I will use a hydraulic transmission and a fixed blade prop. I am considering placing a ss disc on the gearbox coupling, setting up a mechanical trailer brake as below. Then using a spring to apply the brake and a small light hydraulic cylinder using either engine or gearbox pressure to release the brake.. obviously need to calculate for low oil pressure. These calipares are available in NZ from trailer parts outlets and are available in SS.
  4. LBD

    Female winch socket

    Called 8 point sockets... I have a few at home and they can often be found in the tool section of second hand shops. https://www.amazon.com/Wright-Tool-4322-11-16/dp/B002FCG7Q2
  5. 260 nm to go... been a neat trip, good company and comfy capable very well looked after vessel.
  6. What brand/model cyliders are people using... I now need to buy one.
  7. I think the pressure valve is for the water pressure in the tank, not the engine coolant which you correctly point out is low pressure.... And the water in the cylinder will be some 15C below boiling if the engine is at 85C....below boiling point asuming we are sailing at sea level...
  8. Warm showers when my wife and I are out cruising for 10 days at a time mid winter around the Marlborough sounds...
  9. Pulled out the Gas Califont, in preparaition of installing a 25L engine heated hotwater cylinder. We always motor about an hour a day to and from anchorages and moorings... should be enough. Does anyone have experience they would like to share? Replaced the copper and brass, blocked grease line to the stern tube with a nice stainless set. I can once again pump grease into the tube before leaving the boat unattended without water dripping... Will go dripless seal in the future. What grease are others using? Replaced the little toy Rule shower/basin/sink grey water sump set up, w
  10. LBD

    Neat Video Links

    Something tropical...
  11. LBD

    Neat Video Links

    A walk around the 2023 Port Townsend classic boat festival....
  12. Mate, I was having a little lay down in the garden the other day chatting with some of the veges as I do from time to time. You should hear what some of the spring veges had to say about their treatment... Potatoes being peeled alive, beans being scalded in hot steam, tomatoes being plucked and quartered... and as for the purpose built torture device the "Grater", mere mention of the word made the carrots shiver. And the words they used to descibe vegans, well!... made me blush like a beetroot they did!
  13. LBD

    Neat Video Links

    Hello Chook... up for an adventure?
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