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  1. Mine were fairly green also when I bought the boat from Bayswater.... but a year on with plenty of use around Nelson, sun and salt spray, they are looking nice and no green or red tinge to be seen.
  2. Use em more and let the sunlight/UV/dry air do the job for you naturally
  3. LBD

    Dark hull colour

    But then again.. how many black hulled yachts do you see sailing in pommy land actually get to see any sun with any heat? My kauri carvel planked hull is kept gloss white and I see very minimal seasonal movement...
  4. LBD

    Neat Video Links

    Leo from the Tally Ho restoration in a different role...
  5. Are there any Raymarine boffins out there? I have an Element 12S... and an ST60 depth display unit (I had speed log but now rely on GPS and have removed the paddle wheel assembly) I would like to remove the ST60 display unit and display depth data on the Element instead. I beleive I have the B45 transducer and I would also like to install a remote GPS receiver. I am happy with just a reliable depth reading on the screen with the GPS....(I may consider some fish finder function if there is little cost difference in my options.) I am not all that Tech savvy on this subject, s
  6. A light load in 35 kts is game, but at least the boat is on the hard not moving around.... Must be the season, my stick 2 weeks ago was 270 kg without all the rigging... 460kg all up
  7. Had a PLC operating system for one of the tour boats in Milford fail and the back up on the PC also failed. The second spare was on my laptop in Te Anau which I headed into Milford with. The tender driver nosed into the jetty and as I was stepping over, lap top case in one hand, he backed away early and rapidly... I do not recall the exact details other than the thought " The program is more important than me staying warm and dry"... as I was losing my balance I could have dropped the case, grabbed a rail and stayed warm and dry in a Fiordland winter, however I tossed the case into the te
  8. Found this.... https://forums.outdoorsdirectory.com/threads/opinions-on-a-wallas-stove.32400/
  9. Thanks K4309.. yes, know about Advance Trident... you can guarantee they would point me in the direction of a successful installation and happy customer... if you get my drift. I have lots of experience with conventinal diesel stoves and I have a Dickenson heater on board. They do not like any inclination so not suitable for this application... and they require a large vertical flue, and take too long to heat and cool, all in all they would not suit my boat.
  10. I am a reliability engineer.... by nature I am extremely risk averse.... its in my genes, as my Dad was the same. He told me buying quality is like buying oats for the horse, you either pay top dollar for top quality oats, or you can by oats that have already been through a horse, which you can buy much cheaper. But really, what I want to delve into is gimbling and possibly getting a two part set up, fixing the oven but gimbling the top.... as well as a general instalation chat with someone who has the experience.
  11. I am in a similar boat, wanting to loose LPG... but want to quiz some one with the experience first
  12. I am trying to find some one with a Wallas stove to chat with.
  13. Bet it don't chew up the lawn like the old Fergy tires did.....
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