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  1. LBD


    well, 500 views and ony 5 votes! One can only conclude that 99 out of 100 readers are gun shy of any question about apparent butt size....
  2. You guys will soon figure out I am one of those... "Oh, that reminds me" kind of guys A number of years back I am at the yard of a Swedish water jet manufacturer.... I took with me a couple of NZ jet boating videos, sprinting and river racing for a show and tell... One of my hosts said they had a jet boat that does 45 kts, they will take me out on Saturday... Saturday came and we walk down a jetty and stop at this big heavy timber planked boat about 35 odd feet... .45kts? Not in a month of Sundays. Cock pit cover removed and stowed, battery isolator on, ignition on then my host depr
  3. yup, same, ....and can only select cruising. laptop, windows 11, MS Edge. after selecting cruising, i get the following .... no option to create an Album
  4. Thanks and I added an image but I did not get an option to pick a folder or create album.... Could it be a membership status thing.... not enough posts or such?
  5. LBD

    Time 3.JPG

  6. So does no one, not Ed or moderators, know how to create a personal gallery folder in the gallery?
  7. Is it just my imagination or does there seem to be an abundance of similar stupidity from that corner of the globe?
  8. Under Browse/Sailing there is a choice Racing or Cruising.... but there is also a bunch of individual folders. How does one go about creating an individual folder? I am keen to start posting a few photos... hopefully encouraging others to do the same and maybe generate a little more life....
  9. LBD


    Croiselles Harbor.
  10. LBD


    Waikawa bay near French Pass (private mooring)
  11. LBD


    I cannot really accept that complement... those photos above were taken from well before you will have seen her.... yes I have already done much of the important work, replace rigging, covers, and her condition, but the cosmetics still need to be addressed. She is a beauty none the less.
  12. LBD


    there are a couple of images in the Photo galley... but here is another couple taken a few years ago by the builder.
  13. LBD


    You can see that Scandinavian influence.... She is a Danish Spidsgatter design, refined and built in NZ by John Gander. Lighter and considerably faster than an Atkin/Archer
  14. LBD


    I was waiting for that... did not take long.
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