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  1. cannot win a trick... shesh! Survey during the last big rain and now flying to Akl tomorrow to replace rigging and get ready to deliver south.
  2. LBD

    Water heaters

    Just had a survey completed.... inboard gas califont was not viewed favorably and the insurer wants it gone. Will replace it with an engine coolant heated 30L cylinder
  3. Hi Guys Any suggestions for a Stainless SSteel fabricator or business who could build up a steering windvane bracket near West Haven marina, Auckland? I imagine two days work. Thanks
  4. Best manual bilge pump is a frightened crew member with a bucket....
  5. I got back to the car and my host said have a look 3 boats down and out of view. This was imported to Thailand by a French businessman who was restoring classic boats. This is no ordinary boat... this is the first 6m class ever built, Number 1 and numbered as such... she could be considered a very important piece of maritime history. This restoration never started, and the boat is considered abandoned and now for sale by the marina. Happy to point serious folk in the right direction
  6. Driving around the back of a marina in Thailand, in the more industrial area, I glanced at this once upon a time beauty... "ANNY" I have not searched online yet but looks to be a 40' SS... maybe. My company at the time advised she was owned by a syndicate of Japanese business men but abandoned number of years back and is now (still) for sale by the Marina, presumably for a pittance... Bbut it gets worse... look at the next post.
  7. I have successfully made mild steel flanges and elbows then welded on a simple straight SS mixer and water injection fitting at the end.
  8. I have made some nice ones over the years myself... I suggest 10G pipe instead of tube. Fabricated SS can be fine but be wary of the grade, some are prone to chloride stress corrosion and the acids formed from the sulfur in the fuel. Hot dip galvanized mild steel has been used successfully. But at the end of the day... 6 to 8 hours labour... depending on the build quality at .. what $80 per hour (What is the current labour rate now days?) is $500 minimum plus materials, wait times, adjustments when it does not fit perfectly travelling etc..... I do not think there is much to be gaine
  9. LBD

    Hatch light

    What is the aim... to improve light below or to see out of? A photo of the hatch would be good so we get a good idea of what you want to do... Why not replace all the ply with a heavy poly carb sheet? Would always be slippery when wet, but you may could put a timber grid over top for strength as well as traction... In any case leave the poly fractionally raised so that water does not pool on top of the poly
  10. I was lookin at that anchorage at North Cape earlier on today and wondering Plan to stay well clear of Pandora Bank...
  11. Hi All Thanks for the thoughts... no there is no hurry or deadlines... and I guess the only real thing the east has going for it are the number of potential stops, otherwise WC seems to make most sense. Thanks again
  12. this is not a light 30 footer... but that could have been an idea if it was.
  13. It is the same distance east or west coast.... late Feb start March for a repositioning run. For those with the experience, which way would you go and why?
  14. From many, many years in the industry I can say one thing for certain... the performance of a sound dampening material is proportional to the weight of the material... the heavier the better the performance, and usually the higher the cost. There are also a couple of other areas to look at.... 1) Air intake noise... a good intake filter will dampen much intake and turbo noise. 2) if there are flat metal surfaces in the machinery space like the top of a fuel tank that are above the fuel level... consider adding a little stick on accoustic dampening material... this can also make
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