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Hello, I have a NZ coastguard issued "coastal skipper" certification  from 2009.


I got a new warrant card (photo ID) the other day and was wondering if this is equivalent to the RYA "yacht master coastal" and if it qualifies for ICC. Certification?

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Thanks IT. 

I've been sailing around Europe for years and this last summer got asked in Trogir, Croatia, if I had a ICC.

Showed my old Coastal Skipper card and they  were happy with that, but I thought I would go get a ICC anyway .


A mate told me that a coastal Skipper  certificate ( RYA or NZCG) was seen as the same thing in most places ,(and the fact I had been sailing in and out of many ports, including Trogir, seem to prove I had competence )

It appears though that a ICC is more valid than skipper ticket I Europe though. Even If a coastal  skippers ticket tests you just as hard?




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The NZ Coastguard tickets are NZ only, virtually no recognition anywhere except here. The RYA tickets are widely accepted - and are what the NZ coastguard issues now. Some RYA tickets can have STCW endorsements for commercial use. ICC is not a hard test... RYA tickets are much more complex...

NZ Coastguard now do both;


I suggest you call them, tell them what you have and see what (if anything) they will cross credit.


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The good news is that ICC is not difficult. And indefinitely renewable just for a fee every so often. We did one some years ago to charter in Spain and keep it current for possible future charters overseas. No need in NZ of course.

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I chartered a yacht in Croatia this year and had no problems using my NZ sailing qualifications.

If you scroll down this Croatia Administration list you can see that New Zealand certificates are recognised: https://www.sail-croatia.com/media/valid-skipper-licences.pdf

I had to show them originals of my Boatmaster, Cruising Skipper and VHF certificates when I collected the boat in Split.  

My trip report if you're interested:

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