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Ngunguru bar pilotage

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HI there,

Does anyone have up to date information about Ngunguru? Local knowledge or recent experience? The bar has a reputation for moving so I don't trust any of the charts or pilot books, never been in there before.

I'm considering going in tomorrow with a 1.1m draft.

1. What's the least depth on the bar (and is that at high tide, low tide or chart datum?)

Tides are curently neaps, range 1.1m-2.2

2. Does the channel currently align with the channel markers and are the markers good?

3. Where is good to anchor inside?  depth at low tide? Enough space for a 50ft cat between moorings? Good holding? (Might be windy on Friday from the North).


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I used to surf there a bit . It moves heaps , you should be ok draft wise but swing room is limited . Bottom is sand and shells unless you go up creek to the mangroves . Wellington or Whangaumu Bay outside the entrance is a reasonable north sheltered anchorage if there’s no swell .

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Thanks very much, so you think anchoring in the channel will be a problem with limited swing room and possibly circling with wind against tide breaking the anchor out and resetting? Maybe better to anchor outside at Wellington bay? Or is it sheltered enough further up that she'll lie to the tide reliably?

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